Jeffree Lynn Star: A mysterious CEO

Jeffree Star
Jeffree Star

Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr. also known as Jeffree Star is quite a unique man, whom I find to be a very fascinating guy. I think he exudes this magnetic flair that can be a bit spellbinding. Can you really expect anything less from a Scorpio? I think people either love him or hate him. There is no in between with this mysterious Scorpio.

Also, I find him to be an attractive man even if he doesn’t have eyebrows. In fact, I think he’s probably the only person in the world that can pull off no eyebrows look and still look fabulous. Of course, I see him this way because I, too, have Venus in Scorpio. My Venus in Scorpio recognizes and hears your Venus in Scorpio, Jeffree!

I currently do not nor have I confirmed his time of birth. Some websites have his birth time as 9:08 am which gives him a late degree in Sagittarius ascendant (see below for reference). Honestly I can’t agree with that given that I don’t think he has huge thighs and legs.  To me, I see more of a Capricorn Ascendant, which is slender, bony, awkward presence, features are chisel, and deep-set and serious eyes.

Jeffree Star Natal Chart
Jeffree Star Natal Chart

In his progressed chart, he may have an Aquarius ascendant since his appearance is a bit alien-like (no eyebrows) and wardrobe is eclectic and out there.

Natal Chart Aspects.

Scorpio Quote
Scorpio Quote

Stellium in Scorpio. 

A stellium in a natal chart is when there are three or more planets grouped together in the same zodiac sign or house. The person is heavily influenced by the traits associated with the specific sign or house. For instance, Jeffree has four (4) planets in Scorpio which are: Sun, Venus, Saturn, and Pluto. This signifies that he exemplifies and embodies the Scorpio energy such as mysterious, intense, loyal, real, a bit paranoid, etc.

Also, he has a big scorpio energy so I won’t doubt that he has a lot of secrets. He won’t divulge those secrets but put him in a position where he feels hurt, and he will sting you back with the knowledge and information he has on you. He knows what makes people tick.

Furthermore, people with a lot of Scorpio energy have seen and experienced too many deaths in their lifetime, which is one of the many reasons why they can transform so easily and effortlessly. Death to them is leaving this world and moving on to the next world. It’s the transformation of leaving this realm and moving to the next realm. Scorpio people may even think that it’s normal to see a lot of deaths. Out of all of the Zodiac Signs, Scorpio is the only one that can make transformation normal.

Scorpio Sun.

The Scorpio Sun makes Jeffree driven to succeed. Also, it makes him a private person, even though he is a public figure. Scorpios like the privacy and their secrets. He doesn’t seek the limelight. The limelight is just a means to an end. When push comes to shove, what he truly wants in life are: to be grounded in financial stability, love, peace, and the experience life fully using all his senses.

Jeffree is relentless when pursuing something of interest, almost stubborn, that leads him to achieve success. For instance, he has the ability to dive in deep and go below the surface. He digs out the real substance and the truth and will not stop until satisfied. But he needs to be careful because there is a tendency of becoming obsessive in search for answers.

On the negative side, he can be resentful, obsessive, and jealous. When he is deeply hurt, he will show you how hurt he is and make you feel his pain. Remember, he is a Scorpio and he will sting you with his tail should you betray and hurt him. Unlike Virgo, where the hurt (poison) goes inward, Scorpio’s hurt goes outward.

Capricorn Moon.

Jeffree has his Moon in Capricorn which makes him very reliable, self-controlled, dependable, and determined. He approaches and processes his emotions in a no nonsense and practical way than feeling out the emotions. People may say that he doesn’t have a heart but that’s not true. Feelings and emotions are more about facts than being receptive and sensitive.

He comforts himself by having a steady home and material things. Now some of you may see that as materialistic, however, when it comes to comforting one’s moon, this is how one seeks to create a balance. So he may surround himself with material things but first he’s working very hard to get those material things. Basically, he works hard to play hard. All work can make for a grumpy and stressed out Jeffree. He may even be a control freak.  

When it comes to matters of the heart, he doesn’t warm up to people easily. Add the very serious Capricorn moon to the Scorpio Sun, making him very suspicious of people and dig for information. People have to prove their worth to him. He has had a lot of betrayals and heartbreaks that makes him distrusts people from the start.

He would like to share everything with that one special and worthy person but it has the be the right person who has the same goals and ambitions as him. Also, relationships are not to be rushed into. It’s something you work for and it should be long lasting if you work for it hard. And yes, said person MUST have goals and ambition.

Mother/Grandmother with Capricorn Qualities.

Jeffree learned an enormous amount of valuable information especially when it comes to work, goals, and success from the closest women in his life, like his mom and grandmother. He viewed them as hard working women who didn’t rest until they achieved their goals. He learned to be responsible and resourceful at a young age. You may even say that he was a little man as a child. He was quite the grown up as a child.

One of the negative aspects of the Capricorn Moon is that love is only given when something is completed was accomplished. Jeffree is taught, from an early age, that love has to be earned and its not given freely. Therefore, a “job well done” is needed to feel comfort and love.

Also, he may have been a supportive and emotional support to them. He, in many ways, was grounding them emotionally.

Venus in Scorpio.

Venus in Scorpio
Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio is about intense and passionate love. Is the “all or nothing” kind of love. Scorpio loves to be strong and lasting relationship but will sleep around to get it. This makes them seem promiscuous but that’s really further from the truth. The truth is that they are searching for that soul level and intimacy connection. So, the Venus in Scorpio person sleeps around to see if they have that intense connection. After the Venus in Scorpio person has slept around and the connection is not there, then that person is discarded immediately. There is no sense in wasting time with people that you don’t have that connection with.

Venus in Scorpio conjunct Pluto in Scorpio and the South Node.

This aspect creates an intense nature when it comes to love. The way to love is to give and receive in the most passionate and feverish consuming way possible. In his earlier years, he may have experienced love in a very violent way which led to physical abuse or drug abuse, jealousy and manipulation. He probably experienced that pleasure and pain go hand in hand.

Or he had karmic relationships that made a profound impact in his life. The karmic relationships that he may have had are as a result of a previous life. Jeffree comes back to this life to meet with those from past lives and right those wrongs. He comes to this life to transform and transcend love unconditionally. Eventually, as he grows and changes his life, he will learn to create for himself the kind of intimate, loving relationship that he wants and needs.

Magnetizing is Jeffree. He has the ability to hypnotize and draw people whether he knows it or not. His magnetism is at a most powerful level of attraction, both emotional and sexual.

Moon Conjunction Neptune.

By nature, Jeffree has intuitive psychic ability. This aspect makes him extremely sensitive emotionally and to his surroundings. He is very quick to sense how people around him are feeling. Jeffree may even think it’s his own feelings, if he doesn’t know how to separate from others. The best way to identity and separate his truly emotional state is from how other people feel and not take to himself other people’s feelings by learning to discern the feelings and really known himself.

Also, he has accurate visions about others. He may even be able to download visions. Other times, he may stay or create a world of delusion and fantasy or he may not see people or situations clearly.

The Future.

Jeffree has come up, in late November or early December, a Venus conjunct Pluto transit. This will have him wanting and needing a lot of love and affection. He will meet a potential partner, who can be of dark skin or extremely white. This relationship will be extremely passionate, exceptionally strong, mind blowing sexual experience and long lasting. The attraction is sexual, magnetizing, and it will be transformational. This is everything he wants and more and he certainly can handle this magnitude of transformation. This relationship has the potential to change the way he views on life, love, and friends. However, he must be very careful not to fall into jealousy, manipulation, or obsession because it will bring a lot of problems such as control and power.

Also, Jeffree will having a nodal return this upcoming year. Nodal returns will have him thinking about where he was 19 years ago, what he learned, what needs to be changed, and how he can evolve so that he may be on the right track of his destiny. He will need to discard everything, including secrets, that are no longer helpful or useful to him. He needs to discard past life tendencies and pursue what he really wants in this life such as comfort, security, and stability.

I am looking forward to all his future endeavors and wish him the best of luck!

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