New Ways of Communication: Annular Solar Eclipse on June 10, 2021

The annular Solar Eclipse will occur on June 10, 2021, at 6:53 am eastern at 19 degrees and 47 minutes in the mutual sign of  Gemini.  This solar eclipse affects people particularly born with personal planets and points at approximately 14 to 25 degrees of the Mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

The annular solar eclipse will not darkened the Sun completely. You will be able to see a ring of light around the eclipsed Sun. It will be visible in: northern Canada, Greenland, and Russia.

All eclipses consist with the north node and south node so events will feel fated. The eclipses have a theme on a collective level and on a personal level. The themes on a collective level have to do with communications, language, travel, agreements, thinking, logic, media, and finding the balance within these topics.  On a personal level, you want to look at which house holds the eclipse for you. The house where the eclipse is in, is where it is activated for the next six (6) months and where the issues and themes are about for you. Also, please keep in mind the meaning of eclipse, which is obscure or to block out light. Even though this is a Solar Eclipse New Moon, certain areas of your life will be “eclipsed”, depending on where the eclipse lands in your natal chart. 


Aspects of the Solar Eclipse.

First Aspect of the Solar Eclipse: New Moon in Gemini conjunct Sun in Gemini.

The aspect brings emotional and physical balance to your life giving you the impulse to start something new and fresh. You may want to start a new business plan or take a course or take up a new hobby. At this time, you want to think outside of the box. You may want to meet different types of people and take the lead in learning new things.

Second Aspect of the Solar Eclipse: New Moon in Gemini conjunct Mercury Retrograde in Gemini.

This aspect is about focusing on all types of communications. Your emotions (the Moon) can be expressed through writing such as emails, letters, blogs, newsletters, etc. (Mercury in Gemini) that requires you to take time and energy to review and revise any and all mistakes (Mercury Retrograde). You can expect an increase in personal interaction in your neighborhood, with siblings, schools, and over the internet. You may be inclined to do a million things all at once making you susceptible to lots of errors and mistakes. You may be busy with lots of appointments, meetings, etc. but make sure you are confirming dates, times, and leaving your place with sufficient time since Mercury is retrograding, which signifies that information can be distorted or confusing. 

Mercury retrograde brings breakdowns in communication and technology, delays, robbery, cheating, and lost items. You can also meet unexpectedly with people from your past. Make sure you are reviewing the details, your words, writings, schedule, etc. to avoid scandal and embarrassments.

Solar Eclipse Horoscopes.

Aries:  Relationships with siblings and/or neighbors may have not been so great lately. Or things appear to be great, but underneath the surface, things are bubbling. Take this opportunity to nurture those relationships and keep the lines of communication open. Be an active listener. Make sure you are reviewing documents, your transportation, transportation schedule, your thoughts, and words. Also, you may want to sign up for a class, learn a new language or take a weekend trip to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle. 

Taurus: You may have a setback in your finances since your house of income and values is being eclipsed. This is the time to review and analyze your budget and make some changes in the way you spend money. This can mean you may be spending money on frivolous things or things that don’t have meaning. Spend the money on yourself and on things that truly have value to you. Also, you want to make sure that you are making yourself a priority. Making yourself a priority is the best investment you will ever make in your life.

Gemini:  You are getting eclipsed. You may not see yourself clearly or see yourself in a distorted way. You may want to adjust or start a new look so that you can be seen. The way you present yourself in the world matters. This is your opportunity to take care of yourself by changing your look with clothes. Take care of your physical body. Start a new, healthy diet and incorporate some form of exercise. If you want to see any changes in your surroundings, the change must start with you first.

Cancer: Your feelings may be “eclipsed” for the next 6 months. However, if you face your feelings you will be able to know what you truly want from your time. You have spent too much suppressing your feelings that has left you feeling a bit confused. Take the time for yourself and connect with the Divine, which will give you a renewed sense of space and clear you of bad feelings. This opportunity will freshen up your spirituality and renew your faith.

Leo. The solar eclipse emphasizes your house of friendships, associations, networks, community, and wishes and dreams. Take this opportunity to connect with like minded people within your network and social media. You may want to seek out new ways to connect with old friends or make new friends that will support your dreams. Also, this is the time to review what you want and make adjustments to your dreams with the things you truly desire.

Virgo. The focus is on your career and reputation. Whether you like it or not, career changes are coming your way. The doors of opportunity are opening up, but are you ready to make the change and take that leap of faith? The best way to be prepare for the changes is by taking the proper steps to prepare yourself by learning a new skill, taking an advance course/ class within your field, and review, revise, and update your resume. Make sure you are reviewing, reviewing, and reviewing.  And more reviewing!

Libra. The solar eclipse is emphasizing your house of travel and higher learning. Before booking that flight to that exotic place, make sure you do research, check the schedule and confirm dates. Also, you may want to take a course that focuses on a specific in-depth topic or take a new age class such as tarot, astrology or learn about a religion such as buddhism or hinduism. The time now is to expand your mind and horizons.

Scorpio.  Your house of intimacy and shared resources is eclipsed at this time. You will have to discuss with your partner about the hidden tensions and issues that are not being addressed. Start a new cycle on improving intimacy. Also, shared resources with your partner not only has to do with finances but with that intimate connection between you and your partner. Reflect on the past so that you can have a deep bonding connection with your partner and learn from your past mistakes.

Sagittarius. Your one-to-one relationship(s) and business relationships are eclipsed. Your relationship is being put to the test.  If the relationship survives, then the bonds of your relationship become stronger.  If the relationship cannot withstand the test, then your relationship is jeopardy and you may need to review what you truly want from your relationship. This is the time to address and resolve issues that have been set aside.

Capricorn. The setbacks with the solar eclipse are in the areas of your health, work, and pets. But don’t take the setbacks as negatives. See them as an opportunity to correct and start something new. For example, your health is not that great so this is your time to start a new workout routine, new diet, and kick a bad habit to the curb. With regards to your job, make sure you are being mindful of your words, as words can be hurtful. Lastly, take your pets for a general checkup.

Aquarius. The solar eclipse is about your children, romance, and stock investments. This is the time to review:  quality time with children, your love life, stock investments. Try out different hobbies with your children and see which one brings you close and strengthen your bond. As to your love life, find new and creative ways to bring it back into your life.  Lastly, don’t make any stock investments until you have done your research. You may make a new investment after June 23. 

Pisces. Your appliances may be broken and falling out at this time or you may want to move into a new home. Take this opportunity to review and analyze which appliances need replacing. Once mercury goes direct, you may purchase new appliances. If you wish to move places, make sure you are reviewing the terms of the Contract or Lease. Or do a deep cleaning of your home so that you can move that stale energy and bring in new energy into your home and life. Lastly, make sure you are emotionally available for your family.  They may be needing your support and security.

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3 Astro Highlights Of The Week: May 31, 2021 – June 6, 2021

3 Astro Highlights de la Semana Video

Hi, I hope this finds you well and in good health. Here are the 3 Astro Highlights of the week starting from May 31, 2021, through June 6, 2021.  

First Astro Highlight of the Week.

Moon in Pisces conjunct Jupiter in Pisces
Moon in Pisces conjunct Jupiter in Pisces

The first Astro Highlight of the week is on Tuesday, June 1, 2021, when the Moon in Pisces joins Jupiter in Pisces. This transit is about being generous, lucky, and in a good mood. This is a good time to spend with family and friends. You may also want to play the lottery or try your luck at the casino. On the negative side of this aspect, it can produce excess in eating and overdoing things. Too much of a good thing is not good. Try to exercise moderation with this aspect.

Second Astro Highlight of the Week.

The second Astro Highlight of the week is on Thursday, June 3, 2021, there are three (3) aspects which are: Venus enters the sensitive sign of Cancer, Sun in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius, and Venus in Cancer trine Jupiter in Pisces.

First Aspect: Venus enters the Sign of Cancer.
5 Ways to Seduce a Venus in Cancer
5 Ways to Seduce a Venus in Cancer

Venus enters the sensitive sign of Cancer on June 3, 2021, and will remain there until June 28, 2021. Venus in Cancer means being sensitive and intuitive in the matters of love, beauty, and money. Venus in Cancer, you value emotional bonds with others. You seek commitments, security, comfort, and care. Your #1 priority is to nurture and protect your loved ones and spend time with family and close friends. When it comes to love, you can be a bit moody. You may want to seek retreat to your safe haven. Also, try not to have attachments to the past because it can prevent you from enjoying the moment.

Second Aspect: Sun in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius.

This aspect increases your intuition that can lead to revelations. This is a good time to remain open to what you see and hear. Your gut is never wrong. Also, you have the urge to try a new routine. You want to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Third Aspect: Venus in Cancer trine Jupiter in Pisces.

This transit is very lucky and is associated with good luck, love, money, and success.  This transit brings harmony and friendliness while bringing opportunities for growth and happiness. Also, if you are seeking love, this is a good opportunity to go on dates and meet someone new. Activities favored during this transit are: investments, shopping, partying,  and all types of adventurous activities.

Third Astro Highlight of the Week.

The third Astro Highlight of the week is on Saturday, June 5, 2021, there will be two (2) aspects which are: Mercury retrograde in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces and Mars in Cancer opposition to Pluto in Capricorn.

First Aspect. Mercury retrograde in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces.

This transit can cause confusion in the way you think and receive information and often lead to miscommunication. Even a little lie can cause so much misunderstanding. You need to protect yourself against deceitful people. Lastly, stay away from drugs and alcohol since you are extremely sensitive to them and have an overdose.

Second Aspect: Mars in Cancer opposition to Pluto in Capricorn.

You have a desire to control others or situations or people trying to control you. You can be aggressive and have dominating urges. The best way to use this energy is to do a workout like kickboxing or running.  Also, try to avoid feelings of jealousy because it can lead to being a victim and avoid fights.

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May 26, 2021 Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and Horoscopes

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On Wednesday, May 26, 2021, there will be a super lunar event, as it will be a super moon, a lunar eclipse, and a red blood moon all at once. It takes place at 7:12 am EST in the adventurous sign of Sagittarius at 05°26′. The eclipse affects people born with the zodiac signs and personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) in the degrees between 0 to 10 degrees of the Mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces). This is the first eclipse of the year.

In this article, I will talk about the eclipse in four (4) parts, which are: (1) the full moon and the aspects; (2) the Total Lunar Eclipse; (3) the themes of the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius; and, (4) the horoscopes for the eclipse.

Before I start, I must emphasis the following:


Part I. The Super Full Moon.

Full Moon in Sagittarius
Full Moon in Sagittarius

The Super Full Moon on May 26 is known as the “blood moon” or “flower moon.” The full moon in Sagittarius comes with an aspect of Jupiter in Pisces square Sun in Gemini. Full Moons are about endings and culminations. The full moon is a time that provides an opportunity to cut or eliminate things that are not of use to you in your life. Also, this is a time where the truth will come out. Lies will be uncovered.

The aspect of the full moon in Sagittarius square Jupiter in Pisces makes you feel energized and with the ability to take on the world which leads you to over promise but the truth of the matter is that you may procrastinate and un-deliver the promise.  Also, this aspect gives a tendency toward excess and overdoing things. Be careful of emotional overeating!


Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius
Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

The Eclipse is visible from western North America, southern and far-western South America, the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand, Australia and southeast Asia. Throughout this year, the collective will see traveling issues, freedom of speech, misunderstandings, miscommunications, uncovering of  the truth, and more in communication, especially in said areas of the world.

The eclipse occurs while the nodes are close to the moon and sun. The north node is our destiny, which are our gifts from the future. While the south node is the past and our gifts from the past and past lives. This is why eclipses feel like life changing events because you try to leave the past behind and move forward to your destiny.

An eclipse is a wildcard (an accelerant) in our lives. It fast forwards to an event because the energy speeds up and amplifies the energy of the full moon. Normally, you start seeing the energy effects at least two (2) weeks before the eclipse and you can continue to feel the energy up to six (6) months after the eclipse. The energy is extremely potent. Anything goes at this time. Expect the unexpected. The eclipse affects the areas of life activated where you may see dramatic turns depending on where the eclipse occurs in your natal chart. To see how you will be affected, check out the house the eclipse falls in your natal chart. The affairs of that house will be activated. Does the eclipse fall on a planet in your natal chart? That planet will also be activated. The sign of the eclipse, in this case is Sagittarius, plays a role in the likely events that the eclipse will trigger.

This Lunar Eclipse wants you to make changes in your lives and it pushes you to get in touch with your emotions to see where the change needs to take place, or what needs to go. Pay attention to your feelings and issues, situations, or experiences centered around communication or that revolve around your attitudes. You are given a chance to explore your emotional needs.

Also, during the eclipse, you may think that changes are happening to you if you are not aware of the issues and situations surrounding you. However, if you are conscious, then you are inclined to make the changes yourself without being pushed to change. The eclipse gives you the chance to explore your emotional needs within the context of the house polarity of Sagittarius and Gemini, where the eclipse occurs in your natal chart.


Themes of the Sagittarius Super Full Moon Eclipsed
Themes of the Sagittarius Super Full Moon Eclipsed

The themes for this eclipse has to do with Sagittarius and it’s polarity, Gemini. The main theme for this eclipse is the mental axis. It’s all about how you give and receive communication, how you attain and gain knowledge, how you interpret and communicate and your thoughts and ideas. Sagittarius represents the “higher mind” and Gemini represents the “lower mind.”  Sagittarius is about a broader way of thinking and a search for meaning while Gemini is curious and about logical thinking. Sagittarius gains knowledge via exploration, while Gemini gains knowledge via reading books and attending webinars.

The themes seen in this eclipse are:

  • leaving useless information in search of the truth
  • Leaving the role of student, and becoming a teacher
  • Moving from known surroundings to traveling to diversified cultures
  • Obtaining information to disseminating information;
  • Remaining open to new ideas and options
  • Be adventurous and learn new things

This eclipse is asking you to think about ways to leave obsolete information behind and embark on a magic journey and adventure to seek the truth. Lastly, Sagittarius are known to be preachers and prophets so don’t be surprised if when you speak you sound preachy but provide truth and intuitive insights into the future. 


Horoscopes for Aries, Taurus and Gemini
Horoscopes for Aries, Taurus and Gemini

Aries.  The eclipse is asking you to make changes on your long-term plans. However, you must think and create a plan before jumping in to make changes. You must see the bigger picture for your goals. What is the overall goal for your future?

Taurus.  The area of focus with the eclipse is intimacy. You have the opportunity to set boundaries with your partner regarding intimacy. Are you open to your partner’s ideas with regards to intimacy? Also, you may want to sit down with your partner and talk about your values within a relationship. Lastly, before investing in any stock, make sure to do your research and don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Gemini. The eclipse lights up your area of relationship. This is the time to sit down and discuss the problems within the relationship.  Talking openly and freely can lead to understanding. Remember, your partner is not a psychic, so they don’t know how you feel. Express how you feel through writing. If you feel that the problems are not solvable, then it’s time to let it go and move on. Are you open to speaking your truth with your partner?

Horoscopes for Cancer, Leo, and Virgo
Horoscopes for Cancer, Leo, and Virgo

Cancer.  The focus with the eclipse is on your health and your daily routines. You see issues coming up regarding your health but you don’t want to make changes in your routine. It’s time to slow down and start making changes in your eating habits, daily routine, and work. Life is not not all about working hard. Take time to enjoy your time. Are you willing and open to explore healthy options to improve your quality of life?

Leo. This eclipse wants you to focus on romance; your love life. This is a good opportunity to put yourself out there and explore your options when it comes to dating. You want to focus on the love you deserve. Set boundaries and show them that you need to be treated like the King or Queen that you are.  As Stephen Chbosky said “We accept the love we think we deserve.” Trust me you deserve love and more. Are you open to experiencing the romance that you desire?

Virgo.  The eclipse is about family and roots. Family emotional issues come to light. But the important thing is how you handle the family issue. As “Ohana” means family and like in the Disney Movie of “Lilo and Stitch”, ‘Family’ means ‘no one gets left behind, and you are forced to face the issues head on.  The energy of the eclipse is about thinking and gathering all the information before making an absolute and final decision. Making a hasty decision is not recommended at this time as your structure of home and family may change. Forgiveness may be the way to heal from emotional issues. Do you want to be right and lose your family or do you want to forgive and heal your family?

Horoscopes for Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius
Horoscopes for Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius

Libra. The eclipse is about how you communicate and communication is one of the main themes for this eclipse. It’s about gathering and sharing information and speaking the truth. You are required to speak mindfully. There is much power in words. Words become actions but you must think before you speak.  How are you communicating openly and truthfully with others?

Scorpio.  The eclipse illuminates your house of money and your values. You are directed to focus on the things (especially money) and people that matter to you the most. Do away with things that no longer serve a purpose in your life. Once you have cleaned this area of your life, money will flow easily into your life. In order to make room for new things and energy, you must get rid of the old. How do you embrace new values and appreciate the real things in life?

Sagittarius.  The eclipse for you is about your body, appearance and your relationship. You seek to be in a loving relationship but before having that relationship you so desire, you must first start loving and caring for yourself.  Caring for yourself is taking care of your body and appearance. You must always put yourself first. Also, communicate to your partner what you truly desire. Connection and communication are keys to a well understanding relationship and leads to a happier you. How can you change your appearance while remaining true to yourself?

Horoscopes for Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces
Horoscopes for Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces

Capricorn.  The eclipse focuses on your shadow work. You need to start incorporating aspects of your unconscious mind with your conscious experience. Doing the shadow work can further your personal development. Remember we are spiritual beings having human experiences. Are you ready to surrender and connect with all of you and the Divine?

Aquarius.  The eclipse falls in your area of friendships. There may be a bit of drama among friends but you must remain neutral. Use this energy to weed out the fake friends and connect and cultivate with true friends that support and value your friendship. How can I bring more diversity to my life experience?

Pisces. The eclipse is bringing to light your career and your professional status. This is the time to focus on your profession and professional relationships. You may want to let go of projects so you can focus on branding yourself for other opportunities. You may have a career change so be open about it because it may lead you to where you need to be. In the meantime, how can you adapt to the changes in your professional life?

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3 Astro Highlights Of The Week: May 24, 2021 – May 30, 2021

3 Astro Highlights de la Semana YouTube Video

Hi, I hope this finds you well and in good health. Here are the 3 Astro Highlights of the week starting from May 24, 2021, through May 30, 2021.  This week starts off with the total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius which brings changes and revelations.  Also, this summer will be full of changes and revelations because of the eclipses and planets retrograding. 

First Astro Highlight of the Week.

Moon in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus
Moon in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus

The first Astro Highlight of the week is on Monday, May 24, 2021, when the Moon in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus. This transit causes emotional upsets and breakups in relationships. It brings unexpected change and unusual emotional events that may turn into chaos. This is not the time to make decisions but do review the information given to you. You may receive unexpected news particularly about or from women. The unexpected and unpredictable changes can be difficult and can create tension within a relationship.

Second Astro Highlight of the Week.

Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius at 5°26. Takes place at 7:14 am est.
Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius at 5°26. Takes place at 7:14 am est.

The second Astro Highlight of the week is on Wednesday, May 26, 2021, there will be a Total Lunar Eclipse at 7:14 am est. It will take place in the fair-minded sign of Sagittarius at 5°26′. Signs heavily affected by the eclipse are: Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Pisces.

The eclipse is about a time of culmination. It’s a time of opportunity to cut or eliminate things that are not of use to you in your life. Also, this is a time where the truth will come out. Lies will be uncovered. Wild revelations come to light. The eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius which represents the “higher mind.”  Sagittarius is about a broader way of thinking, a search for meaning, freedom, and justice, seeker of truth, and to live the adventure.

Issues, situations, or problems come to light at the time of the Lunar Eclipse. You are invited to get in touch with our emotions, speak truthfully, explore your options, and take a risk. Live the adventure.

Third Astro Highlight of the Week.

The third Astro Highlight of the week is on Saturday, May 29, 2021, when there are two (2) aspects which are: Mercury  retrograde and Mercury in Gemini joins Venus in Gemini.

First Aspect: Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury retrograde starts on May 29, 2021 and lasts until June 22, 2021. The Mercury retrograde periods are infamous for delays, tardiness, stealing, cheating, electronic crashing, breakdowns, breakups, and miscommunications. The best way to use this energy is by: reviewing, reconnecting, realigning, reorganizing, and refocusing on the areas of life that need your attention.

For more information on Mercury Retrograde, check out my articles on: Mercury Retrograde, What to do during Mercury Retrograde, and What not to do during Mercury Retrograde.

Second Aspect: Mercury in Gemini joins Venus in Gemini.

This transit gives the opportunity to express your feelings in written format and express it to your loved ones, partners, lovers, etc. how you really feel. You may express your feelings by giving a present, writing a letter, or doing an act of service.Also, you have the ability to express yourself in a manner that is pleasant which may be suited to enter into a deal or agreement or overcome a dispute with a friend. You may ask someone for a favor at this time since that person is more willing to help you out.

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3 Astro Highlight de la Semana Video

Hi, I hope this finds you well and in good health. Here are the 3 Astro Highlights of the week starting from May 17, 2021, through May 23, 2021.  Reminder Mercury will retrograde in Gemini and the eclipses are coming. Stay alert and be cautious.

First Astro Highlight of the Week.

Sun in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn

The first Astro Highlight of the week is on Monday, May 17, 2021, when Sun in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn. This transit is about fierce and extreme encounters. You may meet people of power that can help you transform your life in a positive way. Also, you are moved to do internal work. This is a great opportunity to learn about Shadow work. Positive transformation comes about while learning and doing Shadow work. Any work that requires you to do intense investigation for personal growth and understanding is greatly favored at this time.

Second Astro Highlight of the Week.

Gemini Season

The second Astro Highlight of the week is on Thursday, May 20, 2021, when the Sun enters the witty sign of Gemini. While the Sun is in Gemini for the next thirty (30) days, you will be trying new things, networking, and exploring new ideas and places. We are more sociable and curious during this time. We tend to be more communicative. We communicate to give out information but with no purpose. If single, flirt with everyone and go on many dates but don’t commit until after June 24, 2021.

Third Astro Highlight of the Week.

The third Astro Highlight of the week is on Friday, May 21, 2021, when the Sun in Gemini square Jupiter in Pisces. This transit can give you a sense to overindulge and can give you a false confidence. For example, you may want to take on lots of different projects because you feel that you can complete all of the projects in a fast and efficient manner. But the truth of the matter is that you are over extending yourself and will fall short in keeping your word. Overdoing things can lead to exhaustion, tiredness, and a waste of your time. Try not to make promises you can’t keep. Be realistic with your abilities and time.  Moderation is the key during this transit.

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3 Astro Highlights of the Week: May 10, 2021 – May 16, 2021

Youtube video – Spanish version of 3 Astro Highlights of the Week

Hi, I hope this finds you well and in good health. Here are the 3 Astro Highlights of the week starting from May 10, 2021, through May 16, 2021. 

First Astro Highlight of the Week.

New Moon in Taurus on May 11, 2021, at 21°17′ at 2:59 pm (eastern time)
New Moon in Taurus on May 11, 2021

The first Astro Highlight of the week is on Tuesday, May 11, 2021, when there is a new moon in Taurus. The new comes with an aspect of New Moon sextile Neptune in Pisces.

New Moon takes place in the sensual sign of Taurus at 21°17′ at 2:59 pm (eastern time). The new moon joins the sun which makes it a great time for new beginnings within the financial, self esteem, security, stability, income, and personal power. The new moon brings an opportunity to make a fresh start turning over a new leaf, or starting a new project. This is the time to make new dreams come true.  Your focus is on setting and attaining goals by being persistent and determined. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

The first aspect of the New Moon: New Moon in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces.

Your psychic abilities, intuition, and creativity opens up with this transit. You may increase your psychic abilities by reading on the occult and new age material.So you want to use this to listen and follow your gut and use visualization techniques to make your dreams into reality. Being receptive at this time will give you an advantage to making good decisions in your life.

New Moon Ritual.

If you plan on doing a ritual during the new moon you will need the following items: white candle (green), paper, pencil, flower (Rose, Poppy & Foxglove Flowers) incenses (bayberry):

  1. Place the flowers of your choice on the table.
  2. Find a comfy and quiet spot to sit.
  3. Light a candle and your incenses.
  4. Start your 20 minute meditation.
  5. After meditation, grab your pencil and paper and make a list of your intentions.  Make sure you are writing it in the present tense and like it already have it. For example, “I have success”; “I am financially stable.”
  6. After writing out your intentions, fold your intentions (fold outward), and place it underneath the flowers on the table. On the full moon you will burn the list.
  7. Close your session with gratitude.

Second Astro Highlight of the Week.

The second Astro Highlight of the week is on Thursday, May 13, 2021, when Jupiter enters the dreamy sign of Pisces and will go retrograde on July 29th, 2021. Jupiter will leave Aquarius and re-enters Pisces on December 28th, 2021, and it will remain in Pisces until May 10th, 2022.

While Jupiter in Pisces, you have a new sense of purpose and faith is renewed. You may look at situations, events, or issues through rose-colored glasses or your views may be a bit optimistic. On the negative side, you can set unrealistic expectations which can lead to disappointment. Also, while Jupiter (the teacher and the planet in expansion), is in Pisces (the sign of universal service), you may seek different ways to heal and serve others in need of help and assistance.

Lastly, at the world wide level, there will be more emphasis on art, music, romance, learning more techniques of intuition and protection, finding new forms of healing, and solidifying dreams.

Third Astro Highlight of the Week.

The third Astro Highlight of the week is on Sunday, May 16, 2021, when Moon In Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces. This transit is an opportunity to connect with your emotions, imagination, creativity, and psychic abilities. Your intuition is quite strong at this time so you want to pay attention and trust your intuitive feelings. Also, you may want to get in touch with your creativity like with music, film or art which will bring inspiration to other areas in your life. Also, this a great opportunity to schedule an astrology reading with me because it will help you get a better perspective on your life. You may book your reading today at: or click on the booking link in the bio or at the bottom of this post. 

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New Moon in Taurus Horoscopes
New Moon Horoscopes

3 Astro Highlights of the Week: October 12, 2020 to October 18, 2020

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Hi, I hope this finds you well and in good health. Here the 3 Astro Highlights of the week starting from October 12, 2020, to October 18, 2020, along with the horoscopes for the week.

First Astro Highlight.

Mercury in Scorpio sextile Venus in Virgo. You can freely express yourself with ease when
it comes to matters of the heart and finances.
Mercury in Scorpio sextile Venus in Virgo

The first Astro Highlight is on Monday, October 12, 2020, when Mercury in Scorpio sextile Venus in Virgo. This transit can freely express yourself with ease when it comes to matters of the heart and finances. You may express yourself with flowery words that go straight to the heart. There is also an opportunity for investment. So if you want to invest in anything, go for it!

Second Astro Highlight.

The second Astro Highlight is on Wednesday, October 14, 2020, when Mercury retrograde in Scorpio until November 3, 2020. Let’s not get crazy, people! There is nothing to fear. Plus this will be the last Mercury retrograde of the year. When Mercury retrogrades in any sign, we have an opportunity to review and revise everything in our life from contracts to relationships to household items.  At this time you want to start investigating into your deep, meaningful connections, intimacy, and your innermost feelings with yourself and others. If you want more information on Mercury retrograde check out my video and articles on it (Mercury in Gatorade, 5 Things “NOT” to do during Mercury Retrograde, and 5 Things to “DO” during Mercury Retrograde).

Third Astro Highlight.

New Super Moon in Libra
New Super Moon in Libra

The third Astro Highlight is on Friday, October 16, 2020, there will be a New Super Moon at  23º53’ in Libra at 3.31 pm est. time. New moon is a time for beginning and Libra is about balance, fairness, patience, and partnership. This is a time to start a new strategy or a fresh new look on business or romantic relationship. There may be some bumps on the road since Mars retrograde is opposing the new moon but Jupiter is asking us to have a little bit of faith. Luck is on our side. On the new moon you want to plan and on October 18, you want to implement your plan of action.

And now here are the horoscopes of the week. Remember, when I talk about the horoscopes of each zodiac sign, I talk about the sun or ascendant. 

Horoscopes of the Week.

Aries. The new moon is causing a bit of friction in your relationship causing you to be competitive. Instead of being competitive use the fiction to get closer and bond with your partner.

Taurus. It’s time to take a step back and look at your routine and see where you can clear up things that are not a priority. You need to find a balance in your daily routine but this can only be done if you prioritize your health.

Gemini. This new moon is an opportunity to start a new passion project but you will have work through the obstacles first. It is time to put your artistic talents to work.

Cancer. Your focus with the new moon is on your family, household matters and home. Look into your life and see what the issues are so that you can make plans to resolve and start new beginning or chapter.

Leo. The new moon gives a strong focus on your house of communication. Take a fresh look at your approach to your neighbors & siblings. Start to make plans on personal growth, education, and short travel to broaden your horizons.

Virgo. The new moon is having you focus on your finances and finding value that gives you confidence. Make plans on working on things that have value and help you feel accomplished.

Libra.  The new moon is takes place in your sign. It’s a fresh start! It’s an opportunity to grow as an individual. The new moon and Mars focuses on your house of partners, which may cause some arguments! Make the time and space to discuss what you want in a relationship.

Scorpio. The new moon takes place in your house of spiritual and house of secret. The new moon is giving you a fresh start to make changes internally and emotionally. Take some time for yourself and create good positive vibes in your life.

Sagittarius. The new moon is in your house of community, friends, hopes and dreams. It is time to start a new dream or vision with your peers. Maybe start a new network with the same vision as you.

Capricorn. The New Moon is in your house status and career.  You may want to renew your image in the public eye. Or you may want to set a new goal within your career or embark in a new career journey. Don’t get discouraged with the obstacles. Keep your eyes on the prize.

Aquarius. The new moon takes place in your ninth house of travel. This is your opportunity to explore new lands and connect with other people from other cultures.

Pisces. The new moon is giving you an opportunity to investigate your deepest desires with your partner. You may think that your vulnerability makes you weak but the truth of the matter is that sharing your vulnerability with your partner makes you strong. It is not easy to share these experiences with your partner but in the long run your relationship will be strong and healthy.

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Cameron Diaz: The Nurturing Silent Perfectionist

Name: Cameron Diaz

Date of Birth: August 30, 1972

Birth Location: San Diego, California

Birth Time: 2:53 pm

Cameron Diaz Astrology Natal Chart

I think the last movie I saw starring Cameron Diaz was either “The Last Holiday” or “The Other Woman.” She was fantastic in both movies and I’m saddened that she hasn’t starred in any other movies lately. In a 2018 interview with Entertainment Weekly, she announced she was “actually retired.” In a recent interview with Gwyneth Paltrow “In goop Health: The Sessions,” Cameron said she felt at peace in her soul walking away from a successful movie career and that she was finally taking care of herself. In my humble opinion, I think the public misses seeing her on the big screen, including myself. I love that her acting is versatile; from comedy to drama. She is a woman who has perfected her craft. But can you really expect anything less from a Virgo? - All about Cameron Diaz

Virgo Sun, Taurus Moon: The resilient Problem Solver.

Cameron Diaz was born with a Sun in Virgo in the second house of her natal chart. She comes into this life to shine as a problem solver, analyzer, and perfectionist on issues of self worth and values and materials goods that are important to her. However, on the negative side she can be very critical and judgmental of herself and of others in search of perfection.

Instagram @camerondiaz

Her Taurus Moon in the eleventh (11th) house of her natal chart, shows us that she needs security and stability to feel comfortable, especially in matters having to do with friends, her community, and her dreams. Her Virgo Sun and Taurus Moon are congruent, which gives her a good balance and a good head on her shoulders. She is extremely practical and can make things and situations tangible. She surrounds herself with beautiful things such as art work within her home that help her feel like she is building something lasting. 

She may be the solid rock and foundation for her friends and family. It may be that her friends and family come to her for her sound advice because she is sensible which makes sense since Taurus is the advisor of the Zodiac. If you want really good advice, find yourself a Taurus.

She finds comfort in food but it’s not just any type of food. The food has to be delicious and decadent.  If you want to know the best restaurant or the best deals in town, she’s your go-to. She can find a deal with a coupon on the most luxurious item in a store. Also, she finds comfort by seeking security and stability. She appreciates the finer things of life incorporating tradition and comfort.

Venus in Cancer.

Instagram: @camerondiaz

Cameron’s Venus is Cancer, which means she wants to be cared for. She wants to mother the people she loves and be mothered. She may appear to have a hard shell and show  tough love but inside she is very sensitive. She’s not one to rush into love. She is cautious and certainly has some spidey senses when it comes to matters of the heart. Her Venus joins her Cancer Ascendant giving her that classic beauty. She is beautiful and is considered to be the beautiful all American girl next door. This aspect helps her to be relatable to the public. The public sees her as a homely and sweet woman. It is my understanding that she modeled in her early adult years which catapulted her into becoming an actress. Beauty may have gotten her to acting but it was her hard work, dedication, and persistence that made her a great actress. She’s got the beauty and the brains. 

Virgo Sun conjuncts Virgo Mars.

This aspect shows how motivated and determined she can be. She is fueled with a lot of precision and thought to strive to be the best in whatever she puts her mind into. She has a competitive spirit and wants to win. When it comes to anger, I don’t think she is quick to anger because both planets are in earth signs so her anger is a bit more calculating and well thought out maybe even on the verge of obsessiveness. Her anger is more direct. If the planets were in fire then she would have outbursts and fits of anger without any thought. 

The Future.

Instagram: @carmerondiaz

Saturn will be transiting her house of partnership and marriage, which can produce lots of pressure, frustration, and restriction within a marriage, partnership, or life long relationship. It produces a somber feeling within a relationship that one can either face the issue head on and work on the issue(s) or end up with a break, a break down, a breakup, or a divorce. It’s not an easy transit because Saturn is asking the person to take a deep look at their important relationship(s) and fix the structures. Sometimes, fixing structures means breaking it all down to be able to build something that is lasting and sustainable. Problems will persist if the issues are not addressed which may lead to a divorce around 2024 – 2027.

Uranus is transiting her 10 house, which signifies a change in career and as we have already seen her take a step back and leave Hollywood. She is changing her career from being an actress to mother and wife. Eventually, Uranus will enter her 11th house around April 2024. Uranus will join her Taurus Moon which means that she may have a loss whether it be the loss of someone (a woman) important to her and/or divorce. 

Also, while Uranus is in her 11th house, her dreams, wishes, and aspirations will change. She can go from wanting to stay home and take care of her family to running charities and help people. During this time, her circle of friends may change. People she meets during this time period will be extremely different from her with different backgrounds, situations, etc. Changes are rapid and unexpected. I would say expect the unexpected. 

Overall, she has some big changes coming into her life. On a soul level, these changes will help her evolve as a person. Changes are hard in the beginning but are well worth it in the long run. I truly wish her the best and look forward to her beautiful changes. 

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This is Paris: Intellectual Royal Genius

Paris Hilton: Mini Natal Chart Reading

Paris Hilton’s documentary drops today, September 14, 2020, which goes very well with her natal moon in Leo since the moon in is Leo today. I’m not sure if she consulted and coordinated the date with an astrologer to premiere her documentary on this day, but the day is extremely favorable. I’m so excited to watch the documentary partially because of what I said in my chart reading video (see above video) and because to me she’s still the “It” Girl who has become a force to be reckoned with.

The Astrology of Paris Hilton

Name: Paris Hilton

Date: February 17, 1981

Location: New York, New York

Time: 2:30 am

Natal Chart of Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton Astrology Natal Chart with Transits

Ascendant in Sagittarius: The Party Girl.

Her ascendant is Sagittarius and this is the mask she has chosen to show the world. Sagittarius is known to be the life of the party, the eternal bachelor, philosopher, seeker of truth and knowledge. For a long time, Paris Hilton was known as the party girl with pictures always taken at different clubs all over the world. As she continues to evolve, she continues to party but with knowledge. She went from a party girl to the number 1 woman DJ in the world. She has managed to reinvent her partying ways to benefit her, which is very savvy on her part. 

Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Leo – The Royal Genius. 

Photo: @parishilton

Paris Hilton came into this world with a sun in Aquarius in the second house of her natal chart. She comes into this world to revolutionize her self-worth, her personal finances, and material possessions. In other words, things that truly matter to her and empower her, and most importantly, she will never let anyone take her light away. This is something she will continue to learn through her life because she needs to evolve into a woman who stands up for herself and others. 

Her sun (her core being) wants to shine behind the scenes while her Leo moon (feelings and emotions) wants to shine in the lime light but not in a superficial way. Her feelings and emotions have value and meaning with a lot of depth. I can tell you there is nothing superficial about this woman even though this is not how some people perceive her.

It’s ironic how Paris Hilton connects with the world and gives a part of herself to it as well, however I think she would rather not be so public. I think she would rather spend time with her siblings while constantly viewing different types of social media and learning a variety of things such as cooking, language, fashion, palmistry, knitting, etc.  On the other hand, she needs to be comforted in a big dramatic way. She needs constant adoration and admiration from everyone so that she can feel comfortable and be a comfort others. She wants validity for her feelings. Remember, there is a big difference between wanting and needing. I will explain her “wants” when we talk about her Venus in Aquarius later in this article.

She was born under a full moon, which signifies inner struggles that have to do with being her authentic self and what she feels; what she feels she wants, and what she feels she needs. Wants and needs are often at odds.  Also, she may have perceived her parents to be two different people. One parent may have been the serious one and the other parent may have been the fun one. Parents may have been at odds for about 3 to 4 years from the time Paris was born. Mood swings and indecisiveness is also a part of the inner struggles that she deals with.

Mercury in Aquarius.

Photo: @parishilton

Her mercury is close and ahead of her sun, which gives her a very quick mind, probably faster than lightning speed.  Mercury in Aquarius makes her very creative, quick, and learns new things with ease. Savvy with words. I wouldn’t be surprised if she came up with her own language. She has already given us “That’s hot” “Loves it”, and “Sliving”. I think language is something she picks up easily. I wonder how many languages she speaks.    

Venus in Aquarius.

Photo: @parishilton

Her sun joins together with her Venus (a wide orb), which gives her poise, charisma, and beauty within her own right. She’s fashionable and is up with the latest trends. In fact, she makes the trends whether it be in fashion, language or ideas. If you want to stay current in the fashion world all you need to do is look at Paris Hilton.

Venus is normally associated with love but I like to think that it has to do with wants. So what does a person like Paris Hilton with a Venus in Aquarius want?  She wants to be original and independent. She wants to be romanced with witty words, thought provoking ideas, and standing up for her when needed. Win her over with unique ideas and give her space. She wants people, especially her lover, to respect her, her ideas, and be loyal to her. She may seem to wander off and look aloof but she is a generous person with a heart of gold who wants admiration for her innovative ideas.

The Future.

The current north node in Gemini is landing on her 7th house of marriage and partnership favorably aspecting her Jupiter and Saturn in Libra in the 10th house of status and career. I think within the next 2 years, her status will change. This means that she will most likely get married; move from business woman to a conglomerate mogul. But there will be more growing up and maturing to do with her transiting Saturn hitting her Sun, which will begin this year on December 17, 2020.  She will have sombering moments that will make her reflect on who she is and who she wants to be.  

I quickly looked at Carter’s Return chart, and I am loving her relationship with Carter Reum, who is an Aquarius Sun and Venus in Aquarius (he has a lot of planets in air signs so sometimes he needs help to land on earth). He totally gets how she wants to be loved and can fulfill her wants and desires and could be her equal. Another strong connection they have is that his north node joins her moon. He brings a lot of purpose and meaning into her life and he can fulfill that need of admiration. He is coming into her life to give her a new purpose and direction. The future comes with some trials and tribulations (but isn’t that life, though?) but in the long run it’s looking bright for her.

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360 Degrees of Michele Morrone: An Astrological Look

Photo by @iammichelemorroneofficial

Have you seen 365 Days on Netflix yet? Netflix did great in picking up this super sexy and steamy film. It has given back to most women and men, a sexier version of Christian Grey in an Italian format with a much better storyline, in my humble opinion. Massimo Torricelli makes Christian Grey look like child’s play. Quite frankly, I think Michele Morrone was born to play Massimo Torricelli.

The hot and talented actor, singer, and dancer, Michele Morrone, plays the role of super Alpha Man, mafioso Massimo Torricelli in “365 Days”. He does such an excellent job at playing this role that it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish the character from the actor. But here I am to tell you a bit about Michele Morrone.

He sometimes reminds me of Jason Momoa. Don’t you think?

Photo by @iammichelemorroneofficial

The Astrology of Michele Morrone.

Name: Michele Morrone

Date of Birth: October 3, 1990

Birth Place: Melegnano, Italy

Time of Birth: Unknown

Astrological Natal Chart of Michele Morrone
Michele Morrone Astrology Chart

First, I want to start off by saying that I do not have his time of birth, however, I have erected a chart of October 3, 1990, with a time of 6:00 a.m. in Melegnano, Italy, however, I will not use the ascendant of the chart nor the houses when reading his chart. I will only concentrate on sign placements and planetary aspects on the day he was born.

One of the things that jumps out at me first, is that he is 29 years old who has survived his first Saturn Return (his Saturn is in 18 degrees of Capricorn). A Saturn Return is an astrological transit that occurs when the planet Saturn returns to the same place that it occupied at the moment of a person’s birth and it occurs approximately every 27 to 29 years. Saturn is a rite of passage to maturity. It’s a difficult time period because Saturn forces people to face mistakes, actions, and grow up.

It is my understanding that he divorced about 3 years ago (the start of his Saturn return), which left him heartbroken and he fell into depression leading him to leave the acting business. Saturn can lead people to depression but the lessons learned with Saturn takes us to conquer, excel, and master the hard lessons. And this is exactly what he did. He persevered and returned to acting.

Prominent Modality and Element.

Photo by @iammichelemorroneofficial

His chart shows that the prominent modality is cardinal. This makes him an ambitious person that initiates projects but not necessarily completes them. He is driven to be “first”  and may prefer to be the boss.

Another dominance in his chart is the element of Air, however his chart lacks fire. He likes to communicate and exchange ideas but has a danger of living in the mind instead of the real world. The lack of fire indicates that there may be a struggle with being spontaneous, courageous, self-expressive, self motivated, and/or sometimes fearful or have self doubt. Then again, sometimes when you lack an element such as fire in your chart, you may overcompensate for it by taking on roles that are super macho; alpha male. 

At times, he may express himself in an overly dramatic manner. A good way to bring balance of the fire element is by taking more risks and expressing his anger in a healthy and controlled environment. I would tell him to spend time with people of the sun signs Aries, Leo or Sagittarius this way he can bring the fire element into his life in a healthy way and learn from the fire signs as well.

Sun in Libra, Moon in Pisces: The Charming Intuitive.

Michele Morrone "Are you lost baby girl?"
Michele Morrone “Are you lost baby girl?” Photo by @iammichelemorroneofficial

He is a charming, attractive, romantic, and sensitive guy. He likes to look good and feel good. Libra men love to be in relationships. Better yet, they need to be in relationships and have a tendency to put their partners on a pedestal which can lead to disappointment and heartache. 

Indecisiveness and addiction can be his downfall. He should stay away from alcohol and drugs since his body can be more sensitive to substances more so than other people. His Pisces Moon makes him very sensitive and with physic abilities with a tendency of being a victim or being the victimizer. He may have moments in which he goes into his fantasy land to escape the heaviness of everyday routines. By escaping or withdrawing into his fantasy land, he is able to recharge his batteries. His Pisces Moon makes him very sensitive when dealing with other people’s energies. 

Some Natal Aspects.

Photo by @iammichelemorroneofficial

Sun conjunct Venus. This aspect makes him an extremely attractive man or at the very least, a charming man. He has good taste in clothes, dresses well, and has an eye for the finer things in life. He has charming ways that makes it very easy to make friends. 

A challenge with this aspect is that he may overindulge. He is well mannered, graceful, and romantic. He will not tolerate anyone in his circle to be rude, ill mannered and/or distasteful. He likes his women to dress well, be socially apt, sophisticated, and emotionally intelligent. His type of woman is a woman that acts like a lady in public and who can sexually be experimental with him. He doesn’t like women to be rude or crass.

Venus Square Uranus. He has an intense magnetism about him that attracts people to him. I suspect that for the first 30 years of his life, love has had its ups and downs. Relationships start and end quickly. A lot of unexpected breakups. Conventional or traditional types of relationships are not suited for this type of aspect because freedom is necessary in loving relationships. He may even push the boundaries of a relationship. Also, expressing love is not so easy.

Sun Square Uranus. In the earlier years of his life he may have been rebellious especially with his father or may have had an absent relationship with his father. This aspect brings impulsive energy which makes him do things in his own unique way and not follow the crowd. Relationships under this aspect are not easy because there is a disruption or break away. There is a need to break away from the relationship once he starts to feel stifled or pressured. Eventually, as he gets older, he will be able to handle and use this energy in a better way perhaps through creative self expression.

The Future.

The transiting Saturn in Aquarius will trine his Sun in Libra which will help him solidify and master his craft. He will become more responsible, practical, and seek balance and stability. As a result of mastering his craft, he will receive recognition and achievements. But remember, this can’t be attained without putting in the work, dedication, patience, and determination.  This transit lasts about 2 to 3 years.

I look forward to seeing what the future may bring to this bright and beautiful man, Michele Morrone. I wish him much luck!

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