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20+ years of astrological experience. I use astrology as tool to navigate through this thing called “life” and answer questions to make better decisions. Chart your path with me!

Dalia Madrid Astrologer


A Natal Chart is taking a photograph of the sky at the exact time, day, and location when you were born. You may think of it as a blueprint or map of your life. This reading provides an in-depth interpretation of your natal chart showing your strong and weak points, and the promise/potential that your chart shows when you were born. If you are not sure which reading is right for you, start with this one.

The Solar Return Chart calculates the exact moment the Sun returns to the same position in the sky when you were born. This reading is a great astrological tool that helps you assess and foresee themes, opportunities, challenges, and how you will express yourself that will arise for you during your upcoming year (12 months starting from one birthday to the next birthday). 

Horary is when an astrologer attempts to answer a question by the client by erecting a chart with the exact time at which the question was received and understood. This Horary Reading help you answer very specific questions such as: “Will this relationship work?” or “Should invest in a property?” This service is a great for helping you answer important questions. 

Millionaires don’t use Astrology, billionaires do.”

J.P. Morgan


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