Cameron Diaz: The Nurturing Silent Perfectionist

Name: Cameron Diaz

Date of Birth: August 30, 1972

Birth Location: San Diego, California

Birth Time: 2:53 pm

Cameron Diaz Astrology Natal Chart

I think the last movie I saw starring Cameron Diaz was either “The Last Holiday” or “The Other Woman.” She was fantastic in both movies and I’m saddened that she hasn’t starred in any other movies lately. In a 2018 interview with Entertainment Weekly, she announced she was “actually retired.” In a recent interview with Gwyneth Paltrow “In goop Health: The Sessions,” Cameron said she felt at peace in her soul walking away from a successful movie career and that she was finally taking care of herself. In my humble opinion, I think the public misses seeing her on the big screen, including myself. I love that her acting is versatile; from comedy to drama. She is a woman who has perfected her craft. But can you really expect anything less from a Virgo? - All about Cameron Diaz

Virgo Sun, Taurus Moon: The resilient Problem Solver.

Cameron Diaz was born with a Sun in Virgo in the second house of her natal chart. She comes into this life to shine as a problem solver, analyzer, and perfectionist on issues of self worth and values and materials goods that are important to her. However, on the negative side she can be very critical and judgmental of herself and of others in search of perfection.

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Her Taurus Moon in the eleventh (11th) house of her natal chart, shows us that she needs security and stability to feel comfortable, especially in matters having to do with friends, her community, and her dreams. Her Virgo Sun and Taurus Moon are congruent, which gives her a good balance and a good head on her shoulders. She is extremely practical and can make things and situations tangible. She surrounds herself with beautiful things such as art work within her home that help her feel like she is building something lasting. 

She may be the solid rock and foundation for her friends and family. It may be that her friends and family come to her for her sound advice because she is sensible which makes sense since Taurus is the advisor of the Zodiac. If you want really good advice, find yourself a Taurus.

She finds comfort in food but it’s not just any type of food. The food has to be delicious and decadent.  If you want to know the best restaurant or the best deals in town, she’s your go-to. She can find a deal with a coupon on the most luxurious item in a store. Also, she finds comfort by seeking security and stability. She appreciates the finer things of life incorporating tradition and comfort.

Venus in Cancer.

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Cameron’s Venus is Cancer, which means she wants to be cared for. She wants to mother the people she loves and be mothered. She may appear to have a hard shell and show  tough love but inside she is very sensitive. She’s not one to rush into love. She is cautious and certainly has some spidey senses when it comes to matters of the heart. Her Venus joins her Cancer Ascendant giving her that classic beauty. She is beautiful and is considered to be the beautiful all American girl next door. This aspect helps her to be relatable to the public. The public sees her as a homely and sweet woman. It is my understanding that she modeled in her early adult years which catapulted her into becoming an actress. Beauty may have gotten her to acting but it was her hard work, dedication, and persistence that made her a great actress. She’s got the beauty and the brains. 

Virgo Sun conjuncts Virgo Mars.

This aspect shows how motivated and determined she can be. She is fueled with a lot of precision and thought to strive to be the best in whatever she puts her mind into. She has a competitive spirit and wants to win. When it comes to anger, I don’t think she is quick to anger because both planets are in earth signs so her anger is a bit more calculating and well thought out maybe even on the verge of obsessiveness. Her anger is more direct. If the planets were in fire then she would have outbursts and fits of anger without any thought. 

The Future.

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Saturn will be transiting her house of partnership and marriage, which can produce lots of pressure, frustration, and restriction within a marriage, partnership, or life long relationship. It produces a somber feeling within a relationship that one can either face the issue head on and work on the issue(s) or end up with a break, a break down, a breakup, or a divorce. It’s not an easy transit because Saturn is asking the person to take a deep look at their important relationship(s) and fix the structures. Sometimes, fixing structures means breaking it all down to be able to build something that is lasting and sustainable. Problems will persist if the issues are not addressed which may lead to a divorce around 2024 – 2027.

Uranus is transiting her 10 house, which signifies a change in career and as we have already seen her take a step back and leave Hollywood. She is changing her career from being an actress to mother and wife. Eventually, Uranus will enter her 11th house around April 2024. Uranus will join her Taurus Moon which means that she may have a loss whether it be the loss of someone (a woman) important to her and/or divorce. 

Also, while Uranus is in her 11th house, her dreams, wishes, and aspirations will change. She can go from wanting to stay home and take care of her family to running charities and help people. During this time, her circle of friends may change. People she meets during this time period will be extremely different from her with different backgrounds, situations, etc. Changes are rapid and unexpected. I would say expect the unexpected. 

Overall, she has some big changes coming into her life. On a soul level, these changes will help her evolve as a person. Changes are hard in the beginning but are well worth it in the long run. I truly wish her the best and look forward to her beautiful changes. 

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September Monthly Horoscope 2019

August came and went within a blink of an eye and now we are in September. It appears that September will bring a few unexpected surprises and some easy moment. Below is the astrological calendar for the month of September.

September Calendar 2019.

1Moon in Libra.Moon in Libra is a time for friends. Great day for collaboration with friends on a project.
1Venus trine Saturn.Great time to commit to a relationship and making long-term investments. You may find new love with someone from a different age group or of mature mind.
1Mercury trine Uranus. Open your mind to new possibilities at this time. You may have some exciting news coming your way or meet people that stimulate your mind. 
2Moon in Scorpio.Time to dig deep into your soul. The psychic vibes are strong at this time. We crave deep conversations.
2Sun conjunct Mars.This aspect brings an abundance of energy that need to be burnt up in a constructive way. If not, the consequences can be damaging to yourself and others. You are prone to accidents and/or aggression at this time. 
3Mercury conjunct Mars.This aspect calls for lots of mental activity. It is time to focus and concentrate. Your thinking can be a bit daring and even a bit aggressive. Remember, to think before you act.
4Moon in Sagittarius.The mood is adventurous, active, and to experience life first hand. it is the time to travel. The mood is upbeat which is great for socializing with others.
4Venus opposes Neptune.You may experience problems with relationships and finances. This aspect can bring confusion and prone to people taking advantage of you.
5Mercury trine Saturn.It’s time to study or take on a difficult task. Make important decisions for all things related to business.
6Sun trine Saturn.This transit brings recognition. You can focus on achieving your goals. You can find guidance from men, elders, and authority.
7Moon in Capricorn.We’re more serious minded. Our emotional focus is on getting things done. We want to feel productive so we will be working on our “to do list”. We will have the patient, determination, and discipline to work on and complete on difficult tasks. Also, don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to get everything done today because it will lead to pessimistic and even depressing mood. Remember, Rome was not built in a day.
8Moon conjunct Saturn.Emotions at this time are serious that can lead to distance in your intimate relationships. You may have feelings of rejection and depression. Try to change your negative thoughts into positive thoughts in order to get to a better state of emotions.
9Moon in Aquarius.Go out and shock somebody. You resist the routine and might shake up by trying something new like acupuncture or reflexology. 
10Sun opposes Neptune.This aspect bring confusion and deception that leads to insecurity. Be cautious of deceitful people who try to take advantage of you. At this time you are highly prone to addiction and overdose.
11Moon sextile Jupiter.At this time you want to be with other people and have fun. Go ahead and break the ice and make new friends.
12Moon in Pisces.Great time to meditate, rest, daydream, and escape. Basically let go and over with the flow.
13Sun trine Pluto.We have intense experiences at this point in time. You can be driven to investigate a topic you are interested in. Relationships with people in positions of power and authority should go well. You can use this aspect to eliminate and clean your environment.
14Full in Pisces.The full moon will be at 21 degrees in Pisces and it’s known as a Full Harvest Moon. It’s time to reap what you have sown. It’s time to heal by letting go and forgiving others but most importantly forgiving yourself. Way to heal can be by meditating, journaling or create something meaningful to you. Let your little artist free.
Also, the full moon links up with Neptune so this may be a confusing time. Don’t use drugs or alcohol to escape problems/situations hoping it will disappear or go away. Remember, all full moons are opportunities to let go.
14Mars opposes Neptune.We have feelings of discouragement and inadequacy. You can be easily deceived by others. Not a good time to take risks because you may suffer disappointments and losses. It is best to find a creative avenue to let out this weird and confusing energy.
14Mercury enters Libra.We have an opportunity to speak and get our point across in a diplomatic way. We have an opportunity to be social and charming. We can master our negotiating skills at this time until October 17, 2019.
14Venus enter Libra.Venus is the planet of beauty and pleasure. People with any planets in Libra in their natal chart especially Venus in Libra are charming, dresses well, and graceful. They like to please others especially if it can avoid fighting. But don’t be fooled by these charming people because they have iron fists with a velvet glove.
15Moon in Aries.While the moon is in Aries, we have instinctual reactions which can put us edgy mood. We are restless to start something new. This moon leads to impulsive acts since we believe that  anything is possible. Dream big and do things that set your soul on fire.
16Moon trine Jupiter.This is a time of good feelings and happiness. Great time to socialize.
17Moon in Taurus.We get a pleasure out relaxing and eating our favorite comfort foods. You’ll be moving slow but with ease.
18Saturn goes direct.Saturn goes direct in Capricorn. This aspect is about having a glowing perspective about home, family, and relationships. This could be a major positive transformation depending in which house of of your natal chart Saturn falls in.
19Moon enters Gemini.If a problem or situation is growing, use humor to less the problem. This is not a day to get into deep conversations but you do want to socialize.
20Moon trine Venus.This is a harmonious day. On this day you can relax with your friends and family. There’s a lot of love.
21Moon opposes Jupiter.This transit produces a feeling to overindulge. If you are a diabetic, stay away from sugary foods.
22Moon enters Cancer.You are likely to be highly intuitive at this time. You will have strong urge to nurture, support, and protect the ones you love.
23Moon opposes Saturn.You may have feelings of sadness or loneliness. It is a difficult time to share feelings since you have an emotional distance with others. Try not to socialize as others may see you as cold and not fun. Don’t let these fleeting feelings put you in a bad mood. Feeling sorry for yourself will only lead to more negative feelings.
23Sun enters Libra.The next 30 days our focus is on finding balance and harmony through relationships with others. Decision-making can be a bit difficult since Libra likes to weigh both sides of any situation.
24Moon enters Leo.It’s a great time to get a haircut or lavish yourself with a little bling, preferably with some gold jewelry. You may want to dress in yellow or orange with gold jewelry. Also, let your inspiration take you to new heights of creativity.
25Moon sextile Venus.Easy day to be with friends and family. Great day to host a dinner party for friends and family.
26Moon enters Virgo.Great day to start a diet and meal plan for the week. Don’t forget to take your vitamins.
27Moon opposes Neptune.Our emotions are not clear at this time and can cause a bit of confusion. At this time you are prone to overdose or falling ill.
28New Moon in Libra.The new moon will take place in the zodiac sign of Libra at 5°19′. There is a new opportunity to improve our negotiating skills, work on being diplomatic, and bring balance and harmony to all types of partnerships.
29Moon squares Saturn.This aspect is a restriction on your feelings and relationships. It hard to connect to other people. Feelings of sadness, loneliness, and emotional distance reminds of past failures. Relationships can suffer restriction and even a break in relationship.
30Moon in Scorpio.We are a bit sultry and secretive and emotions are intense. It’s time to dig deep into your soul. The psychic vibes are strong at this time. We crave deep conversations.
30Moon opposes Uranus.This aspect may cause emotional upsets and relationship breakups. Impulsive reactions can lead to chaos. Unexpected events can put a heaviness on relationships. Expect the unexpected.

Happy September!