Love Quotes Based on your Zodiac Sign

Here are quotes that best represent you, based on your Zodiac Sign. I love quotes especially when the quotes are about love, life, and relationships. Quotes motivate and inspire us. It helps helps keep in track or get on course to where we need to be. Here is my collection of my favorite love quotesContinue reading “Love Quotes Based on your Zodiac Sign”

Pisces Traits

The twelfth (12th) Zodiac Sign is Pisces, a water mutable sign. Pisces is ruled by the benevolent planet of Jupiter (old rulership) and dreamy like planet of Neptune (new rulership). Pisces is what I like to call the “Tofu of the Zodiac.” They can change and adapt easily to any situation or place. They certainlyContinue reading “Pisces Traits”

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