3 Astro Highlights of the week starting from February 22, 2021 – February 28, 2021

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Hi, I hope this post finds you well and in good health. Here are the 3 Astro Highlights of the week starting from February 22, 2021, through February 28, 2021. The weekly horoscopes will be posted here on Wednesday, which will have to do with the full moon in Virgo.

First Astro Highlight of the Week.

The first Astro Highlight of the week is on Wednesday, February 24, 2021, when Mars in Taurus makes a favorable aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. This transit makes you driven, passionate, and focus on your goals. You have an opportunity to achieve your desires. You can go into deep investigations of any kinds and you may uncover deep and dark secrets. People of power are willing to cooperate with you because you have made a good impression. You have the confidence and the drive to eliminate any obstacles.

If you are single, you may meet someone that can bring a big transformation in your life. If you have a partner, passion is now increased.

Second Astro Highlight of the Week.

Venus in Pisces is...
Venus in Pisces

The second Astro Highlight of the week is on Thursday, February 25, 2021, when Venus enters the dreamy sign of Pisces. When Venus in Pisces, love feels magical. Love makes you feel like you can can conquer anything and overcome obstacles. You are able to understand, forgive, and heal the hurt from the past.

On the negative side, if you continue to ignore red flags, then you run the risk of becoming a victim. Also, attractions may run hot and cold which can cause you to do a disappearing act on your partner.

Some of the things you can do while Venus is in Pisces are:
– turn your fantasies into reality;
– Get your beauty treatment done like facials, botox, ombre eyebrows, eyelashes, lipo, etc.;
– Get romantic;
– Forgive and heal; and,
– Get a foot massage.

Third Astro Highlight of the Week.

Full Moon in Virgo 08°57′
Full Moon in Virgo 08°57′

The third Astro Highlight of the week is on Saturday, February 27, 2021, when there is a full moon at 08°57′ in Virgo at 3:17 AM (Eastern time). This full moon comes with two (2) major aspects, which are: Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus and Moon in Virgo opposite to Venus in Pisces.

This full moon is about completing or ending with themes having to do with: tangible versus intangible; every day environment versus spiritual world; substantiation versus abstraction, analysis versus inspiration, clarification versus mystification, sobriety versus intoxication. Virgo is the unselfish servant and instrument of everyday society while Pisces is the unselfish servant of God.  

First Aspect of the Full Moon.
Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus
Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus

The full moon comes with an aspect of Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus. This aspect is powerful and brings lots of unexpected changes between responsibility and independence; stability and change; traditions and progressive; and old and new. You may find yourself in constant battle, which can lead to a sudden relationship breakup or career changes. One thing to always remember, changes are opportunities. You must remain patient and open-minded throughout these changes.

Second Aspect of the Full Moon.

The second aspect of the full moon is the Moon in Virgo opposite to Venus in Pisces. This aspect is about needing love and affection and you will do whatever it takes to get it. This is not a good time to start a new relationship. If you are in a relationship that isn’t going well, this is the time to end it.

The full moon brings conflict and opens your eyes to issues that have been hidden or that you haven’t been wanting to see and you are forced to make choices. Remember, full moons are about releasing and endings and the energy is powerful.


If you are planning or wanting to do a full moon ritual, here are some items you will need. Remember you don’t need to have all the items listed here but the most important item in this ritual is salt, in my humble opinion.

Items: Bowl, salt, white candle, Cyrstal (Green Jade, Amethyst, or Citrine), pencil, piece of paper), flower (Daisy or Buttercup)

  1. Place Daisy or Buttercup in a vase on the table.
  2. Find a comfy and quiet spot to sit.
  3. Light a candle.
  4. Start your 20 minute meditation.
  5. After meditation, grab your pencil and paper and make a list of things you want to get rid of (i.e. bad relationship to bad eating habits).
  6. After writing out your list, burn the list in the candle. Dispose ashes in the trash.
  7. Close your session with gratitude.
  8. Place the salt in a bowl and place it by the front door (in a corner). Dispose of the salt after 3 days of the full moon.

Full Moon Horoscopes.

Here are the horoscopes for the week of February 22, 2021, through February 28, 2021.

Aries.  The full moon highlights your house of wellness and everyday routines. If you have been eating horribly lately, this is the time to do away with those bad eating habits and start changing to better and healthier eating habits. You may have to set boundaries at work too. While at home, you want to relax and rest. While Venus is in your house of dreams, secrets, and subconscious, try to do some journaling to connect with your emotions. Do some soul searching. 

Taurus. This is the time to complete or bring to fruition a project that you have been working on or tell that special someone how you feel. Also, you have worked so hard on this project, take this time to indulge in the finer things in life. Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. While Venus is visiting your house of friendship and community try not to make promises that you can’t make.

Gemini. This full moon wants you to do away with home items that you no longer use. It’s time to purge. Make space for new energy to enter the home. Also you may find out information or secrets on a family member. Go easy on them. The information may be blown out of proportion or exaggerated. Be open and listen to them.  While Venus is transiting your house of career and reputation, you may find yourself rethinking what you really want and need from the career of your dreams.

Cancer.  The full moon shines a light on your everyday communication with siblings, cousins, and neighbors. It is time to clear the air and meaningful interactions. Say what you mean, mean what you say. While Venus visits your house of foreign affairs, you want to complete the travel plans. You may meet someone in a foreign land or a foreigner that will have you seeing things in a different light. Take your time in getting to know this person.

Leo.  This is the time financial issues may come to light at this time. But don’t worry because there is always a solution to the problem. Some of the solutions to your problems are: crunch your numbers, make a budget, and cut out frivolous spending. While Venus is in Pisces, you have the opportunity to meet someone through an event related to the occult or new age. Be open and get to know them.

Virgo.  The moonlight is shining upon you. You may see yourself in a not so great light. But go easy on yourself. This is the opportunity to change things about yourself that you didn’t particularly like especially with your appearance. Get rid of your old style and start new. New style brings you new energy. While Venus is in Pisces, you are seeking more attention than usual. Express what you want to your partner instead of causing conflict.

Libra. It’s time to take a closer look at your thoughts and feelings. For once, take care of yourself mentality and spirituality. Slow down, do some journaling and do some soul searching. In order to get clarity, you need to be receptive to the information you are downloading from the Universe. While Venus is in Pisces, there is a possibility of being a bit lazy at work. This is the time to make improvements in your working condition. Declutter and spruce up the office. New energy in the office will help you get out of the lazy rut.

Scorpio.  This is the time to give an analytical look at your friendships and network group and see if they are supporting you and goals. Review your networking group and see if you and your group still have the same vision for the future. If not, then this is a time to cut the ties and seek new groups and friendships with similar visions as you.  Venus is Pisces focuses on your  house of love and romance. Meeting someone and dating is in the cards but wait to secure a relationship until the New Moon in March.      

Sagittarius. Your focus with the full moon in Virgo is your career. Step up to the plate and show your colleagues what you’re made of. This is the time to improve your reputation in your professional life. Ways you can improve and shine are by: stepping up to the plate and showing your colleagues what you are made of, learn or update a skill and be a leader. While Venus is in Pisces, try not to be excessive with luxury items for the home. Also, be careful with sugary food as it can cause digestion problems or diabetic issues.

Capricorn. You have the urge to learn something new in foreign affairs, travel, and religious studies during the full moon in Virgo. It’s great that you want to learn so much but you can’t do it all at once. Slow down, make a plan, and pick one subject or topic at a time to learn. You know what they say, there is only one way to eat an elephant: a bite at a time. While Venus is in Pisces, you can discover the love in your everyday life. But be careful as you may say things that are hurtful or you may exaggerate the truth. Try not to talk about meaningless things.

Aquarius. The full moon in Virgo wants you to make an assessment of your intimate side or maybe you have not been aware. You have the opportunity to become aware of hurt and pain caused in the past that has not let you move on and heal from it so that you can make a real intimate  connection with your partner. While Venus is in the sign of Pisces, you have strong desires to express your sexuality and for comfort and material goods. Remember to do things in moderation. Too much of anything is not good for you.

Pisces.  Your relationships, contractual agreements and legal documents are the areas of most importance for you with the Full Moon in Virgo. This is the time to get serious with the things you really want in your relationship. You need to think  about what and who you want to commit to and make a choice. Venus in Pisces may make you a bit overindulgent and impractical. Try to be flexible.

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