Johnny Depp Series: Part II – Amber Heard and their Synastry

Johnny Depp Series: Part II - Amber Heard and their Synastry
Johnny Depp Series: Part II – Amber Heard and their Synastry

In the first part of this Series, I took a look at Johnny’s Natal Chart and talked a bit about his upbringing, what makes him tick, his passions, and difficult aspects that make him rise to the occasion.

Amber Heard in Court
Amber Heard

This second part of the Series, I will only look at Amber Heard’s Natal Chart aspects since I don’t have a time of birth for her. If you happen to know her birth time, please let me know. 

Natal Chart Aspects.

Amber Heard's Natal Chart
Amber Heard’s Natal Chart

Sun in Taurus, Libra Moon. She is the daughter of Venus (and Johnny is the son of Venus since his midheaven is in Taurus, Venus ruled).  The meaning of being a daughter (or son) of Venus is that great qualities are bestowed upon the daughter or son of Venus. Amber has beauty, grace, and charm. In fact, I think she was voted “Most Beautiful Women” at some point of her career. She values financial security, status, and good times. Her Libra Moon finds comfort in peace, harmony, and communication.

She’s at her best when she is communicating ideas and socializing with others. At her worst, she can be imbalanced, impractical, and indecisive. She has a constant need of being in relationships and probably feels her best in relationships. 

Mutable T-Square (Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Pisces, and Chiron in Gemini). The Mutable T-Square makes her highly adaptable and flexible. On the negative side of this Mutable T-Square, it makes her like a chameleon, constantly changing. This can lead to restlessness, indecisiveness, and constant change with no direction and no grounding. Amber’s nervous system can be affected if she’s high strung. Best way to use this energy is to discipline the mind and find direction.

Libra Moon opposes Mercury in Aries. This aspect makes her outgoing in front of people but can be introspective. I would have to say that she’s a lot in her mind. Amber is constantly thinking. Her challenge with this aspect is that she finds it difficult to connect her thoughts with her feelings and can lead to distortion of reality. Often, her thoughts and feelings are not aligned. She is constantly having to decide and choosing between her thoughts or her feelings.  This is something that she will have to deal with through her life.

Taurus Sun Oppose Pluto in Scorpio. This aspect indicates that her father had a deeply powerful effect on her whether he was present or absent. If he was a present in her life, then her her father was quite domineering with her. He tried to shape her but extinguished her light in trying to do so.

Also, this aspect makes her a very determined, manipulative, and powerful person. She will do whatever it takes to be in control of herself and her situations. She sets some bizarre standards on herself and if she can’t meet them, it leads to enormous dissatisfaction, failure, and negative behaviors. The best way to handle this energy is through constant transformation on self-image and the constant betterment of oneself.

The Synastry of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

The Synastry of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard
The Synastry of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

WHAT IS SYNASTRY? In plain English, Synastry is the understanding of the energies of two people and how they affect each other when they come together.  I will examine the energies of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard and how they may affect each other individually. Specifically, I will examine how Amber Heard affects Johnny Depp.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp
Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

One of the things I noticed immediately in their Synastry Chart is that there aren’t many sun and moon aspects. When in a romantic relationship, you want to have a lot of sun and moon connections. Sun and Moon connections signifies understanding, common grounds, similarities, affection, and creates a good foundation for a romantic relationship.

Please note, that when Person A’s planets sits or is on top of Person B’s planet is like having a fixed transit for Person B. The fixed transit can enhance Person B aspects (if there are any aspects connecting said planets). For example, Amber’s Jupiter in Pisces (Person A) is right on top or conjuncts Johnny’s Chiron in Pisces (Person B). This signifies that Johnny’s Chiron in Pisces will have a permanent transiting affect from Amber’s Jupiter in Pisces. Amber’s Jupiter in Pisces can bring healing into Johnny’s life by showing positive ways of responding to life and to have faith. However, Amber can also magnify his pain and suffering. Johnny may have become more self-conscious and vulnerable in the relationship. (See example below).

Amber's Jupiter in Pisces is right on top of Johnny's Chiron in Pisces
Amber’s Jupiter in Pisces is right on top of Johnny’s Chiron in Pisces

Also, I immediately noticed that there are a lot of connections to Mars, which indicates a sexual and volatile relationship. Sexual chemistry is there but when things got sour, it was extremely bad.

Amber Heard’s Venus in Taurus connecting to Johnny’s Venus in Taurus. Her Venus on his Venus is like a never ending permanent transit. This means that constantly he will have similar likings, tastes, etc. as Amber. In that sense, they get along great because of the similarities and common goals when it comes to beauty, love, and finances. 

However, her Venus sits on Johnny’s natal aspect of his Venus squaring Saturn and Uranus. This signifies that she brings to light all of his pain and suffering in matters of love and finances. As I stated in the First Part of this Series, these aspects affect Johnny negatively. And although her Venus tries to make things light and softer, her Venus can still make things hard for himJohnny like restrictive love or not showing affection or even forcing Johnny to earn her love.

Amber’s Venus in Taurus squares Johnny’s Saturn in Aquarius. Amber wants a serious commitment and devotion from Johnny. She can pressure him and be too demanding, which can be a big turn off for Johnny. He may turn away from her or withdraw from her which then leads to tension, friction or coldness in the relationship. And what Amber wants is his approval.

Amber’s Jupiter in Pisces squares Johnny’s Gemini Sun. This is one of the indications that they are not on the same page when it comes to beliefs, values, philosophy, etc. Amber’s Jupiter see Johnny’s Sun as wishy-washy, superficial, and unstable. While Johnny’s Sun sees Amber’s Jupiter as unrealistic. They have unrealistic expectations of each other which often leads to broken promises.

Also, when they are together, they can over do things such as over eating, over drinking, and overspend.  Everything is done in excess and over the top. There is no moderation and this leads to a bad cycle of over indulgence, burning out, and back again to over indulgence. Self control, moderation, and open mindedness of each other’s belief systems are the key points for this particular aspect in synastry.

Lastly, if I had Amber Heard’s birth time, then I would be able to do a Composite Chart. The Composite Chart is about the relationship of two (2) people. It can be romantic, platonic, or business. Basically, any type of relationship as long as you have both person’s full birth information.

Stay tune for the third and final part of the Series, which I talk about my prediction for the outcome of the case and Johnny Depp’s Future.

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Johnny Depp Series: Part I – Master of the Creative Arts

I’ve been watching the defamation trial on and off and my immediate question was: If Johnny Depp is a Gemini Sun, why is talking so slow and meticulous ? Please keep in mind that at that time I only knew his sun sign at the time of watch the trial and had not seen his astrological natal chart yet. After reviewing his chart, I think I understand Johnny a bit more. 

Johnny Depp

This blog regarding Johnny Depp will be divided into a three (3) part series. The first part of the series will be about Johnny Depp and his Natal Chart. The second part of the series will be about Amber Heard’s natal chart aspects only because I don’t have a time of birth. Amber Heard time of birth is not listed on the internet. I will also address the synastry between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. The final part of the series will be my prediction/ outcome of the trial and what the future holds for Johnny Depp.

The Master of Creative Arts.

Johnny Depp’s Natal Chart

John Christopher Depp II also known as Johnny Depp (“Johnny” or “JD”)was born on June 9, 1963, at 8:44 am in Owensboro, Kentucky. Most of you may remember Johnny having quirky acting roles such as Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd, Captain Jack Sparrow, The Mad Hatter, and countless others acting roles. I loved him as George Jung in “Blow”. 

In all honesty, I think Johnny is such an amazing versatile actor and has received multiple accolades for his work. Then again, can you expect anything less from a Gemini Sun? Geminis people are known to be “two faced” because they can easily switch from personality to another personality. Their mood swings are interchangeable. The truth of the matter is that they have the ability to experience different moods and temperament in lighting speed which makes them a good candidate to be a method actor, which Johnny is a method actor. Most people mistake the sudden changes of personalities as either bipolar or mood swings or just plain crazy. 

Natal Chart Analysis.

If I had to describe Johnny, it would be: a creative, ambitious and eloquent orator. Johnny may have a Sun in Gemini, a Moon in Capricorn, and Ascendant in Leo, but his overall quality; the essence of his chart is that of a Taurus.  In fact, his most predominant element is earth. While having the element of earth as the most dominant in the natal chart signifies that he may be overly practical, methodical, materialistic and sensual. He connects with the world using his physical senses (touch, taste, and smell, etc.). 

Also, Johnny’s midheaven in his Natal Chart is in Taurus. And this making a child of Venus. Venus, the planet of love and money, and rules the Zodiac Sign of Taurus. His Venus is in Taurus which is in domicile. The public finds him very attractive and charming. Johnny is a love magnet. He can charm the pants off of a woman by using words or a song. He may not want to hear this but his looks are what open the doors for him and career. And that’s the reason why he worked so hard to become a great actor. 

He has always wanted to be known as more than just a pretty face. He wants status. Hence why he took quirky roles that drastically changed his appearance. There were times in which I thought he tried so hard to make himself look unattractive, when he should have been embracing his attractive appearance.  

Music is his passion. I think music for him is the best form of communication. He probably feels that he expresses himself better through music especially since he can be too logical in comprehending his feelings. 

Gemini Sun.

Johnny is a Gemini Sun, which makes him a great collector of information and communicator. JD likes to collect information on topics of: the world, his community, music, arts, and his network. He truly shines when he is with friends or speaking in a crowd talking about his hopes and dreams.

He has a ton of friends from all types of walks of life. Johnny’s self esteem and self worth are tangled in the ability to materialize his goals and plans. Hence why the defamation trial is so important to him. The moment Amber wrote the disparaging op-ed, it stunted his ability to make his plans and goals grow and flourish.

Mercury in Taurus.

As I stated earlier, I was wondering why Johnny was talking so slow and meticulous? A Gemini normally talks a lot with speed and with their hands. However, Johnny’s Mercury, the planet of communication, is in Taurus. His speech is slow and meticulous about giving out the correct information. Also, the way he talks entices and keeps the audience captivated and intrigued. Everyone is hanging on his every word.  

Also, he may take his time to make a decision. Once his decision is made, there is no turning back. This can make him a bit stubborn.  His decision making skills may take a long time but they are solid and well thought out. He is not one to act impulsively, especially having a heavy element of earth in his chart. 

Leo Ascendant.

Johnny Depp creating art.

When Johnny enters any room, he enters as royalty. People’s impressive of him is that he has a big heart, generous, magnanimous, and honorable person. Sometimes people may see him with child like qualities too. But remember, the ascendant in astrology is the mask we wear and what we want to show the world but the sun is what we come to evolve into. Although Johnny wants to put on the mask of a creator, his core is about communicating and gathering information.

On the negative side, Johnny may be troubled by or feel that he is not being respected and admired in certain situations. These negative feelings may resort to selfish and domineering ways.

Moon in Capricorn.

Johnny can be very reliable, self-controlled, dependable, and determined. He approaches and processes his emotions in a logical and practical way rather than feeling the emotions. Feelings and emotions are more logical and critical thinking than being receptive and sensitive.

He finds comfort in material things such as having a steady home, cars, land, real estate properties, etc. Anything that’s tangible. For the average person, this may be materialistic, but finding the grounding and balance through the material is balance and comfort. Remember, Johnny wasn’t born wealthy and he has had to work extremely hard to attain those material goods. 

The moon in a person’s natal chart relates to the mother and how the person sees the mother. The media and his sister (I think) have said that his mother was abusive with him. Johnny’s Natal Chart shows that the mother was hardworking, driven, calculating, ambitious, and cold. His mother had traditional views regarding life. His mother had goals and plans, which needed to be met. In some ways, she was the driving force of pushing Johnny to grow up quickly. The mother taught him to be practical. Unfortunately, she probably taught Johnny that love has to be earned and not given freely. This is probably something that she was taught too as a child.

Challenging Aspects.

The following challenging aspects are difficult because these aspects relate to issues in the areas of love and finances. How love was shown, given, and how love was taught. Johnny has a lot of squares in his natal chart. The squares in a natal chart or any given chart are challenges. These challenges prompt Johnny to have moments of being hot headed as a result of conflicts. However, these conflicts are what lead him to evolve and become a better person. He may encounter a lot of challenges but he conquers every single one of those challenges.

Venus square Saturn. Johnny from an early age probably felt rejected and alone. Unfortunately, Johnny was exposed to harsh criticism and abuse at a very young age. He may have bouts of depression through certain points of his life as a result of that exposure. Johnny was not shown nor given love. Love had to be earned. He had to earn love by being perfect. Throughout life, Johnny will experience challenges of love, self esteem, and striving for happiness.

Venus Square Uranus. Johnny has a magnetic and attractive quality about him that attracts people to him. The first thirty (30) years of his life, love has its ups and down. Relationships started quickly and ended quickly. A lot of unexpected breakups. Relationships that are conventional or traditional are not suited for this type of aspect because freedom is necessary. A little freedom within a relationship is required for it to be successful. He may even push the boundaries of a relationship. Also, expressing love is not so easy.

Johnny Depp

Stay tuned for Part II of the Johnny Depp Series coming on May 17, 2022!

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