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  • Top 3 Traits of a Gemini

    All signs have a good and bad reputation. Gemini is no exception to the aforementioned statement. They are the versatile sign of the Zodiac can multitask like nobody’s business. Geminis are known to be a lot of things. One of the many things is doing a million things all at once. Here are three (3)Continue… Read more

  • 3 Fun Facts about Aquarius

    You know how Sagittarius can easily make friends with almost anyone? Well, this Sagittarius made friends with an Aquarian. Last year I took a trip to Ireland and met this Aquarian, Megan. In true cool and savvy Aquarian form, she gave me some unique ideas on what I should do on my next trip. MyContinue… Read more

  • 3 Fun Facts about Sagittarius

    My favorite astrological sign: Sagittarius, the Global Citizen. ♐️ As a  Sagittarius woman, I am a bit outspoken, independent, friendly, frank with a happy-go-lucky personality. Bluntness. I’m not always going to say the kind of things you want to hear. Most of the time I will ask you embarrassing questions or make you cringe with myContinue… Read more

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