Saturn in Pisces

How many Pisces in Saturn does it take to change a lightbulb? None, they're too busy staring off into space and contemplating the meaning of existence.
Saturn in Pisces

We will be diving in the deep end about Saturn in Pisces. If you’re looking for a fishy tale of information and how it will affect you, you’ve come to the right place! So put on your swimsuit and jump in the Pisces ocean of Saturn.

Basic Saturn.

Saturn is a hard master. You may deny him all your life but when he comes knocking at your door, you will have no choice but to deliver.

When we think of Saturn, we think of hard work, time, discipline, karma, responsibility, classical and old. Saturn is the hard and stern teacher that teaches you a lesson. But once you have learned the lesson, the reward is worthwhile.

Saturn loves to tell you what to do like do your chores, do your homework, and don’t procrastinate. Saturn can be a real rude wake up call in morning. And all you want to do is hit that snooze button. But to make Saturn happy, give him what he wants: structure and order.

If there is one thing you can take away about from Saturn, is that Saturn doesn’t deny. He only delays.

The Basics of Pisces.

The vibe of Pisces is all about going with the flow and letting the universe guide them. Normally, there is a tendency to want to dream and escape from reality. Sometimes Pisces likes to escape reality through means of drugs and alcohol.

Pisces is what I like to call the ‚ÄúTofu of the Zodiac.” They can change and adapt easily to any situation or place and at times can be a bit scattered.

Saturn in Pisces.

Fish out of water is what Saturn feels when it’s visiting Pisces. Saturn loves order and boundaries, while Pisces has no boundaries. Saturn takes on different qualities when placed in the watery, dreamy sign of Pisces.

While Saturn is in Pisces, we are shoved to take control of our lives and emotions. We must face reality. Take ownership of our action. We must be the captain of our ship called “destiny.” This is the time to get grounded, set realistic goals, and work towards our goals with determination and focus.

Use this time to set your fears aside and go for the dreams. It doesn’t matter if the dream seems unattainable. You may be surprised at what you can accomplish when you go for your dreams. Saturn can help us bring our visions down to earth and make them a reality. We can turn our dreams into achievable goals, and then work steadily towards them.

It will not be an easy journey and at times you will feel pushed and dragged down. You will feel pressure to conquer your goals. But remember to get a diamond, you have to pressurize the coal. This means that at the end of your journey, you will be well rewarded.

Ways to use Saturn in Pisces Energy.

While Saturn is in Pisces, we want to embrace its energy and use it to our advantage. A good way to use the energy of Saturn in Pisces, is finding the time to do daily meditation practice, or setting aside a specific time for creative pursuits which helps to stay focused and grounded.

Another way to use the energy of Saturn in Pisces is setting boundaries. Sometimes we may want to take on other people’s problems as our own, or we let others take advantage of our kindness because we don’t want to rock the boat or hurt anyone’s feelings. But Saturn in Pisces helps us learn to say no when needed and prioritize their own needs and desires first.

Saturn in Pisces through the Houses.

Below is a breakdown of how Saturn in Pisces transit affect each of the twelve (12) astrological houses:

Houses 1 -6

1st House: While Saturn transits your first house, you have a tendency towards shyness or introversion. You may struggle with self-confidence.You can benefit from setting realistic goals and working towards them with determination. Also, this is a great time to lose weight and refine your look.

2nd House: Financial insecurity or a lack of self-worth peaks through especially when it comes to money. However, with discipline and hard work you can overcome these issues and build a stable financial foundation. You may even become a financial guru or at the very least financially savvy.

3rd House: Over the next two (2) years approximately, communication may be challenging. You struggle to express yourself clearly or may feel misunderstood by others. Remember to practice and have patience with yourself and you will learn to communicate effectively. Master your voice.

4th House: Challenging issues around family and home life will arise during this time period. You may struggle with feelings of emotional insecurity. Home challenges such as renovations and remodeling may rear its ugly head. The good thing about this transit, you can create a beautiful home with “Home Edit” vibes.

5th House: You can experience creative blockages or a lack of self-expression or hard to conceive. You may have feelings of not living up to your full potential. Use the energy of Saturn in Pisces to structure your time and channel your creativity in productive ways. Overcome the challenges and go for your dreams.

6th House: While Saturn in Pisces transits your house of health, wellness, fitness, daily routines, and pets are the focus. You and/or your pets may struggle with health issues. Make sure that you set a routine for wellness like daily meditation and that you are doing the general routine checkups for you and your pets. Set a routine and creating boundaries between work and personal life can be beneficial. Don’t forget to incorporate self-care practices into your daily life.

Quote. When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. Lao Tzu.

Houses 7 – 12

7th House: Difficulty arising in your one-on-one relationships. You may struggle to connect with others on a deep level or feel like they’re constantly sacrificing your own needs for the sake of your partner. Use this Saturn in Pisces energy to set healthy boundaries and prioritize your own needs.

8th House: Issues around power and control may arise during this transit. You may feel constrain and struggle to trust others. You may want to use this time to let go of control and let the universe guide you to where you need to be. People that want to be in your life will earn your trust.

9th House: You have challenges with your current belief systems and spirituality. You have feelings of being lost or feeling of disconnect from their higher purpose. This is the perfect time to seek the answers and explore other different spiritual practices. Keep what resonates with you and lose the rest.

10th House: While Saturn visits your house career and reputation, your main focus will be about your image, career goals and marital status. You may question if you are in the right career or if you are ready to make the next big commitment or not. Use this time wisely to set clear and concise goals in your career and status.

11th House: Difficulties arises in social situations. It may be challenging to connect with others. You may feel like they don’t fit in a social group. Learn to embrace and appreciate your individuality and head into other groups of like-minded people.

12th House: This transit brings a tendency towards isolation or withdrawal from the world or even escape via drugs and/or alcohol. You may struggle with unknown addictions or other escapist behaviors. Please know that you can still benefit by seeking help and developing a spiritual practice to ground yourself.

Next 2.5 Years (2023 – 2026).

Overall, Saturn in Pisces is not that bad especially if boundaries between what’s real and what’s fake are being place. The important thing is at that time we will realize that we can’t be fooled anymore.

On the world scale, we can expect to see the following:

  • limitations or restrictions of all types of drugs (more rules and regulations);
  • cult leaders and scammers of all types will be called out and force pay for all their damages;
  • more questions and clarity on what’s real and what’s fiction; and,
  • there will be moments in which the walls of illusions come tumbling down and the rose tinted glasses come off and it will be a moment of disillusionment and disappointment.

Hopefully this post has given you all the insight you need to survive Saturn in Pisces. And if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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