The Astrology of Shakira

“No intentes amarrarme, ni dominarme
Yo soy quien elige como equivocarme
Aprovéchame que si llegué ayer me puedo ir mañana”,

Astrology of Shakira
Astrology of Shakira

Shakira Love.

Shakira, Shakira, Shakira… To say I love Shakira is really an understatement. I love every single one of her songs. She is an intelligent and creative woman. I can’t believe that I hadn’t checked out her natal chart before.  The only thing I knew is that she is an Aquarius Sun.

I find her fascinating in the way that she creates music. She has collaborated with artists such as Kid Cudi, Lil Wayne, Carlos Santana, Beyoncé, Alejandro Sanz, Carlos Vives, Mana, Maluma to her most recent collaboration with Bizarrap. The collaboration list goes on and on. She is truly musically and lyrically talented. There is no denying she is talented even if you don’t like her music.

She has an ability to create a verse with a melody and in the middle of the verse, the beat either slow down or speeds up and continue to flow with the music. The fact that she can add double meanings, puns, and uses angel numbers (“Yo valgo por dos de 22…”, Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53 or Out of Your League = 222) all in one song is pure genius! She does this with most of her songs.

I had the privilege and the honor of meeting her briefly. While in college, I worked at the Mall at a popular women’s clothing store called Contempo Casuals/Wet Seal. She came in and at first I didn’t recognize her. I didn’t recognize her because she was wearing a baseball hat, no makeup on, and she’s short. I thought she would be way taller, like 5’8 or 5’9. She came into the store with her mom and her grandma. The grandmother kept on calling her “Shakira” and her mother would blush and would try to hush her. Her mother would try to address Shakira by “Isabel” or “Isa”, if I remember correctly.

The funny thing is as this is happening, I don’t realize who she is. One of my co-workers ,that was helping her in the dressing room, came running to me and told me it was Shakira. I was in disbelief because why would Shakira be shopping at our store. Why not at Louis Vuitton or at a luxury store?

Please keep in mind that at this time, her album “Pies Descalzos” came out the previous year. Although the song “Estoy Aqui” was extremely popular in the Latino community, she still had not crossed over to the English music community. She was not getting recognize in public places easily.

After trying on clothes, she came up to the counter with her mom and grandma to pay. She made small talk with me and was very sweet and polite and I wasn’t expecting that at all.

Also, I saw her in concert and I have to say she is an amazing performer. She sang and danced non stop and the audience did as well. I don’t think there was any down time during the concert. If she tours again, trust that I will attend her concert.

The Astrology of Shakira.

Natal Chart of Shakira
Natal Chart of Shakira

Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Cancer.

She is an innovative humanitarian with the soul of a caring and emotional being. Now the placements of the sun and moon tell us a different story. The Sun is located high on her natal chart in the eleventh (11th) house. Shakira comes into this world to innovate and transcend communities, associations, and her friends. In a way, she comes into the world to make contributions and changes in the world.

Sun in Aquarius.

Shakira, Sun in Aquarius
Shakira, Sun in Aquarius

The Sun doesn’t like to be in Aquarius because the Sun rulership is in Leo.  When the planet, like the Sun, is in the opposite sign of the Rulership, the planet is severely afflicted. In this case the Sun is afflicted in Aquarius. When she’s feeling uncertain, she becomes mysterious, passionate, and discretely secretive. However, when the Sun is in Aquarius, it can be rather difficult for the person to shine and express their identity. In the earliest years of Shakira’s life, people told her who she was or told her who she wasn’t.

Despite being told who and what she is, she has always known that she is different and had to find ways to defy people and march to the beat of her drum. The core of Shakira is logical, inventive, rational, and looks at things in a scientific way which can lead to people perceiving her to be distant and cold. 

Moon in Cancer.

Her Moon is in Cancer located in the fourth (4th) house of her natal chart. The Cancer moon like the crab, will “walk back” or reminisce about the past and talk about it all day long. A crab moon has a hard shelf and will attack when they feel vulnerable or exposed. Only people closest to the Cancer moon will know how the Cancer moon really feels.

Shakira’s chart indicates that only people that are closest to her know how she truly feels. Her true feelings will never be seen in the public eye, even though there are all these songs about how she feels (“Nunca dije nada, pero me dolía…” Monotonía). But keep in mind, these feelings are from the past. The announcement of her breakup with Gerard Pique was made in June of 2022. She has had time to really process all those feelings and come to terms with the hard breakup. These breakup songs are about how she felt back when she found out he was cheating her.

I don’t think she is one to act impulsively because her Saturnian mind won’t let her (Mercury in Capricorn – see below). This music comes out now and not last year because she needed to devise a plan that wouldn’t affect her children.

She has a waxing Gibbous Moon in Cancer, which is the last “growth” or waxing phase before the full moon. This phase of the moon is about deeper understanding of planning and preparation. Her natal moon is about individual growth.

Aries Venus.

Let’s address the elephant in the room: love and how Pique and her previous boyfriend did Shakira dirty. Shakira has Venus in Aries in the twelfth (12th) house. This particular Venus is about cultivating a profound form of love for oneself. It’s about reaching a transcend spiritual love (higher vibrational frequency), and a longing to experience love on a higher level. While having Pluto in the descendant, she requires from her partners all or nothing type of love. There is nothing artificial or superficial in the way that she loves. Her love can be intense and all consuming. It’s an all or nothing kind of love (“Yo soy loca con mi tigre, loca, loca, loca”, Loca).

However, the negative aspect of this placement is that the person experiences deceit and deception when it comes to matters of the heart. Shakira has strong idealistic perceptions on love that may be unattainable or unrealistic. Things may not be what they seem (“Lo que me hace idolatrarte así, es todo tú…”, Amarillo). When a person has Venus in the 12th house of their natal chart, they have hurtful experiences in love. These painful experiences are because the person hasn’t learned to love and value themselves. Venus in Aries demands to be loved first and above all things. But how can you demand and expect to be loved first and foremost when you can’t love yourself? Once the person is able to love and accept themselves, they will have transcended to the next level of consciousness. The person will be able to vibrate at a higher frequency level.

Shakira in Monotonía
Shakira in Monotonía

Venus in the twelfth (12th) house indicates a person with a lot of hidden creative talents, secrets, interest in the occult, and a sense of spiritual development of oneself. I would dare say that her interests such as the supernatural and the inexplicable things are beautifully weird.

Also, this Venus placement is about self-sacrifice. It’s about putting people’s needs and wants first. I think Shakira has made a lot of sacrifices for love. For example, she moved to Barcelona to be with Pique so that he can nourish and flourish his career. And she knew that her career would suffer. Music, movies, etc. are in the States, London, etc. and not in Barcelona.

She has strong psychic abilities. She can perceive what others are feeling, have visions of future events, and unlock spiritual teachings from past lives. Her intuition helps her anticipate what people want (“Tengo el presentimiento de que empieza la acción / (Adentro, adentro te vas quedando)/ Y las mujeres somos las de la intuición…”, Las de la Intuición).

Mercury in Capricorn.

Shakira has her Mercury in Capricorn, which makes her thoughts structured, strong, ambitious, strict, calculating, practical, and methodical. She has the ability to compartmentalize every single piece of information from events to emotions. This helps her to make informed decisions by calculating and basing the information on facts. She thinks before she acts because one mis-step can cause her a great deal of pain and loss. And I think this is the reason why she doesn’t act impulsively.

She may appear to be more conservative than she really is. Shakira communicates in a clear and concise manner. Most of the time, she will choose her words carefully to ensure that people understand her and doesn’t want to waste time.

The Colombian Singer’s mind has a million and one projects and goals. There is always a goal to attain and a mountain top to reach. She may have moments that she can be a bit critical. Her style of thinking can be black or white and nothing in between. The best way to handle this Mercury placement is by not being too rigid. Sometimes there is a gray area too.

222 Meaning.

222 is an angel number. The number “2” represents duality. Two people together are open and vulnerable. However, add a third number “2” and it interrupts and breaks the union between two people. In this case, Shakira and Pique were a union. They had a partnership and Clara Chia was the “third number 2” that interrupted the union of two people. (But let’s not blame Clara Chia for everything. Pique is more to blame in this breakup because he allowed Clara Chia to meddle in his union with Shakira).

Is it great to see “222”? Of course it is! But with everything in this life and in this world, there is always good and bad. Strength and weakness. Positive and negative. Lightness and darkness.

222 is about relationships, career, partnership within the family unit, and unity. When one sees this number it is about trusting the process of your hard work and keeping balance. It’s a confirmation that you are on your way to your success. Continue to pursue your dreams especially by using your 2 eyes and 2 ears.

On the negative side of 222, is may be that you are too connected with your emotions. You may be going through a rough patch in your life, and you have to find a way to ground yourself. Too many emotions can be exhausting. It’s time to take a step back and look at things from a logical perspective.

Natal Chart Aspects.

Shakira and her Natal Aspects in her astrology chart
Shakira and her Natal Aspects in her astrology chart

Sun in Aquarius Opposition Saturn in Taurus.

This aspect is a tug of war within Shakira. It is the push and pull. It’s a constant battle of choosing to shine her light and immersing herself into who she is or assume responsibilities and making hard and difficult choices. It’s the polarity of being self or being responsible which can lead to self-doubt and hard on oneself. When she was a young child, she faced hardship and restrictions in her life forcing her to grow up quickly. She probably had to choose between practicing singing or going to play with friends.

She was subject to criticism and was too critical of herself to the point that she probably felt unloved or to be loved you have to be perfect. Sometimes it could have been too much of hard work with no fun or play or even have a moment of being herself.

On the positive side, this aspect led her to have a thick skin and be a hard worker which has paid off in recognitions, multiple achievements, ultimate accolades, and more.

North Node Opposition Chiron.

This opposition is about finding your independence which can be wrapped in pain, hurt, traumas, and unresolved emotions. Sometimes the pain and traumas may distract one from your true purpose or north star in life. Earlier in life, she probably got lost in pain and set out to get revenge but as she continues to go through this crazy life, she finds ways of healing. Once the pain is healed, she can transcend above and be a healer and embark on her journey back to her north star. The road of healing is long. Acceptance is the key with this aspect. Accept that the pain and traumas in the past give strength and wisdom. That being imperfect is acceptable and in turn helps others accept their imperfections.

Sun Square Uranus.

This aspect encourages Shakira to do things her way and to stand out from the crowd in an obvious way. However, the need to express one’s identity, especially through her career, creates conflict. People may see her as rebellious.

Relationships with men can be difficult which can result in sudden break or ending. Either she is viewed as provoking people, especially men, when in reality she just wants to be free and independent to express herself without judgment. The best way to surpass this aspect is to increase self-awareness. Once she has increased self-awareness it will lead her to expressing herself at the right time. And in turn this help create better and stable relationships.

The Future.

Shakira and Bzrp Session
Shakira and Bzrp Session

Uranus in Taurus transiting her Second (2nd) House.

Around April 2023, Uranus in Taurus will be entering her 2nd house in her natal chart. During this time until 2030, she will have moments where she breaks free from the ideas and thoughts of value, her self esteem and money. t is time for new values, and new ways to earn money. She will do away with any thoughts that are ancient and obsolete and start creating fast and new ideas around said topics. Around June of 2023, when Uranus hits Jupiter, she will feel the need to be rebellious. After so many years of repression, she will break free. One thing she must remember is that everything is done with moderation and that responsibilities will not go away.

Saturn in Pisces transiting the twelfth (12th) house.

When Saturn in Pisces enters her twelfth (12th) house on February 2024, she will experience seriousness. She withdraws from other, especially the public life, in order to truly find who she is at a profound level. This time period will not be easy but can still rise above this time.  It’s a confusion and frustration since she is doing away with old structures. It’s like she goes into a cocoon and will experience rebirth when Saturn enters her first (1st) house in 2026.

Saturn in Pisces transiting on her Venus in Aries.

This is not an easy transit because it forces her to look at her failed relationship which may bring feelings of sadness and loneliness. On the positive side of this transit is that she understands exactly what she wants and doesn’t want in a relationship. Also, there is an opportunity to meet someone that may be in her industry and it will not start off as a romantic interest. This person may be older and wise or has wisdom beyond their year. We can start seeing this around May 2025.

I wish Shakira so many wonderful things in her years to come. 

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