Surviving Venus Retrograde

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn
Venus Retrograde in Capricorn

Venus retrograde in the ambitious sign of Capricorn on December 19, 2021. The retrograde will end on January 29, 2022. During any type of retrograde, you will want to review, revise, reassess, etc. with what the specific planet is about. If you want to see what themes will play in your life during this Venus Retrograde period, look at what was occurring in your life around December 2013 – January 2014.

Themes of Venus in Capricorn Retrograde.

In this case, the themes with Venus are about beauty, love, relationships, money, and values. While Venus in Capricorn wants you to look at these themes in a practical and realistic way. Do things the “Boss” Way. It may almost seem like all these themes have somber outlook. But I ask to go into this period with open eyes and open heart. You may surprise yourself with your findings.

At this time, you may experience past lovers wanting to reconnect with you, a lost in funds/income and restructuring budgets, changes in traditions with values, etc. Do re-valuate your relationships and see if you share the same values as your partner. Below are tips to surviving Venus Retrograde.

5 Things to Do During Venus Retrograde.

1. Re-assess finances and your financial goals.
2. Reflect on your values.
3. Review your relationships especially your one-on-one relationships.
4. Re-connect with old friends.
5. Review your beauty routine.

5 Things NOT to Do During Venus Retrograde.

1. Don’t get engaged, married, or divorced.
2. Don’t have any beauty/plastic surgeries.
3. Don’t start a new relationship.
4. Don’t get back together with an ex.
5. Don’t buy luxury items.

Lastly, starting anything new because it will all be for naught. What you may like or do during during the retrograde may not agree with you once Venus goes direct.

Venus Retrograde Horoscopes
Venus Retrograde Horoscopes

Venus Retrograde Horoscopes.

Aries, Taurus, and Gemini Love Horoscopes
Aries, Taurus, and Gemini Love Horoscopes

Aries: You are always working so hard and striving to be the best in your career and you may sometimes set aside home life. And you say, “Everything I do within my career is for my home life.”. Take this time to re-evaluate what is the most important thing for you. You may need to re-incorporate a balance between work life and home life. Balance is the key.

Taurus: It’s time to refresh your thoughts and ideas and re-visit other places. You push aside wanting to learn something new because life gets a bit complicated. This is the time to re-look at those old plans. Start re-planning your 2022 with courses and trips.

Gemini: During the Venus Retrograde, you want to relinquish your need to keep people at arms length and connect with that special person on an intimacy level. You may even want to redefine what intimacy really means to you. You don’t have to follow or be forced by society to do something you’re not interested in doing. Revise it and make it into your own.

Cancer, Leo, and Virgo  Love Horoscopes
Cancer, Leo, and Virgo Love Horoscopes

Cancer: This the time to reassess your one-on-one relationships and see if you are on the same page. Sit down and have a serious talk about your love and values. Let your voice be heard. Sometimes you have a tendency of looking after others and forget about yourself. It’s time for someone to know how you feel and to look after you.

Leo: It’s time for your to re-incorporate exercise into your daily routine. This hasn’t been an easy year for you but in order to remain focus and in good spirits, exercise is the way to go. Try different work out routines and see what will be easy for daily routine. Re-starting a good balance routine is a good start for you in 2022.

Virgo: During the Venus Retrograde, you may have an ex or two trying to re-connect with you. This doesn’t mean to get back with them. This mean that you need to take the time to review everything about those relationships. The good, the bad, and the ugly of those relationship. Keep the good and leave the bad so that your next relationship will be something worth your while.

Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius  Love Horoscopes
Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius Love Horoscopes

Libra: Tis’ the season to re-decorate your home. Slow down and fill your home with the holiday spirit. Once you start re-focusing on your home, you can bring in your family and friends and celebrate the holidays together.

Scorpio: This is the time to re-discover your voice and express your thoughts and feelings. You may want to re-take a language class or pick up your journal again. You have gone far too long holding things in. Remember, you can express yourself without hurting anyone. It’s all about the delivery of your message.

Sagittarius: Income and handling funds are not your forte so this is the perfect opportunity to re-manage and re-learn anything and everything that has to do with finances. Come the new year, you will be able to make better financial choices for yourself. And it may lead to more travel and adventures!

Capricorn,Aquarius, and Pisces Love Horoscopes
Capricorn,Aquarius, and Pisces Love Horoscopes

Capricorn: While Venus is retrograding in your house of body and appearance, this is the time to re-vamp yourself and wardrobe. Try out different styles and see which one fits you and your personalty. You may implement the new style in February of 2022.

Aquarius: Venus retrograde is asking you to seriously get in touch with your spiritual side. Do some introspection about yourself and do away with outdated belief values. Restructure your belief systems so that you may bring inner strength and balance. Equip yourself with the spiritual tools needed to take on life’s challenges.

Pisces: Venus retrograde is asking you to reflect on your friendships and dreams. Are you surround by people who support you and your dreams? As to your dreams. I’m not saying to throw them away or start a new dream, but do make some adjustments so that your dreams can be attained easily.

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