New Ways of Communication: Annular Solar Eclipse on June 10, 2021

The annular Solar Eclipse will occur on June 10, 2021, at 6:53 am eastern at 19 degrees and 47 minutes in the mutual sign of  Gemini.  This solar eclipse affects people particularly born with personal planets and points at approximately 14 to 25 degrees of the Mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

The annular solar eclipse will not darkened the Sun completely. You will be able to see a ring of light around the eclipsed Sun. It will be visible in: northern Canada, Greenland, and Russia.

All eclipses consist with the north node and south node so events will feel fated. The eclipses have a theme on a collective level and on a personal level. The themes on a collective level have to do with communications, language, travel, agreements, thinking, logic, media, and finding the balance within these topics.  On a personal level, you want to look at which house holds the eclipse for you. The house where the eclipse is in, is where it is activated for the next six (6) months and where the issues and themes are about for you. Also, please keep in mind the meaning of eclipse, which is obscure or to block out light. Even though this is a Solar Eclipse New Moon, certain areas of your life will be “eclipsed”, depending on where the eclipse lands in your natal chart. 


Aspects of the Solar Eclipse.

First Aspect of the Solar Eclipse: New Moon in Gemini conjunct Sun in Gemini.

The aspect brings emotional and physical balance to your life giving you the impulse to start something new and fresh. You may want to start a new business plan or take a course or take up a new hobby. At this time, you want to think outside of the box. You may want to meet different types of people and take the lead in learning new things.

Second Aspect of the Solar Eclipse: New Moon in Gemini conjunct Mercury Retrograde in Gemini.

This aspect is about focusing on all types of communications. Your emotions (the Moon) can be expressed through writing such as emails, letters, blogs, newsletters, etc. (Mercury in Gemini) that requires you to take time and energy to review and revise any and all mistakes (Mercury Retrograde). You can expect an increase in personal interaction in your neighborhood, with siblings, schools, and over the internet. You may be inclined to do a million things all at once making you susceptible to lots of errors and mistakes. You may be busy with lots of appointments, meetings, etc. but make sure you are confirming dates, times, and leaving your place with sufficient time since Mercury is retrograding, which signifies that information can be distorted or confusing. 

Mercury retrograde brings breakdowns in communication and technology, delays, robbery, cheating, and lost items. You can also meet unexpectedly with people from your past. Make sure you are reviewing the details, your words, writings, schedule, etc. to avoid scandal and embarrassments.

Solar Eclipse Horoscopes.

Aries:  Relationships with siblings and/or neighbors may have not been so great lately. Or things appear to be great, but underneath the surface, things are bubbling. Take this opportunity to nurture those relationships and keep the lines of communication open. Be an active listener. Make sure you are reviewing documents, your transportation, transportation schedule, your thoughts, and words. Also, you may want to sign up for a class, learn a new language or take a weekend trip to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle. 

Taurus: You may have a setback in your finances since your house of income and values is being eclipsed. This is the time to review and analyze your budget and make some changes in the way you spend money. This can mean you may be spending money on frivolous things or things that don’t have meaning. Spend the money on yourself and on things that truly have value to you. Also, you want to make sure that you are making yourself a priority. Making yourself a priority is the best investment you will ever make in your life.

Gemini:  You are getting eclipsed. You may not see yourself clearly or see yourself in a distorted way. You may want to adjust or start a new look so that you can be seen. The way you present yourself in the world matters. This is your opportunity to take care of yourself by changing your look with clothes. Take care of your physical body. Start a new, healthy diet and incorporate some form of exercise. If you want to see any changes in your surroundings, the change must start with you first.

Cancer: Your feelings may be “eclipsed” for the next 6 months. However, if you face your feelings you will be able to know what you truly want from your time. You have spent too much suppressing your feelings that has left you feeling a bit confused. Take the time for yourself and connect with the Divine, which will give you a renewed sense of space and clear you of bad feelings. This opportunity will freshen up your spirituality and renew your faith.

Leo. The solar eclipse emphasizes your house of friendships, associations, networks, community, and wishes and dreams. Take this opportunity to connect with like minded people within your network and social media. You may want to seek out new ways to connect with old friends or make new friends that will support your dreams. Also, this is the time to review what you want and make adjustments to your dreams with the things you truly desire.

Virgo. The focus is on your career and reputation. Whether you like it or not, career changes are coming your way. The doors of opportunity are opening up, but are you ready to make the change and take that leap of faith? The best way to be prepare for the changes is by taking the proper steps to prepare yourself by learning a new skill, taking an advance course/ class within your field, and review, revise, and update your resume. Make sure you are reviewing, reviewing, and reviewing.  And more reviewing!

Libra. The solar eclipse is emphasizing your house of travel and higher learning. Before booking that flight to that exotic place, make sure you do research, check the schedule and confirm dates. Also, you may want to take a course that focuses on a specific in-depth topic or take a new age class such as tarot, astrology or learn about a religion such as buddhism or hinduism. The time now is to expand your mind and horizons.

Scorpio.  Your house of intimacy and shared resources is eclipsed at this time. You will have to discuss with your partner about the hidden tensions and issues that are not being addressed. Start a new cycle on improving intimacy. Also, shared resources with your partner not only has to do with finances but with that intimate connection between you and your partner. Reflect on the past so that you can have a deep bonding connection with your partner and learn from your past mistakes.

Sagittarius. Your one-to-one relationship(s) and business relationships are eclipsed. Your relationship is being put to the test.  If the relationship survives, then the bonds of your relationship become stronger.  If the relationship cannot withstand the test, then your relationship is jeopardy and you may need to review what you truly want from your relationship. This is the time to address and resolve issues that have been set aside.

Capricorn. The setbacks with the solar eclipse are in the areas of your health, work, and pets. But don’t take the setbacks as negatives. See them as an opportunity to correct and start something new. For example, your health is not that great so this is your time to start a new workout routine, new diet, and kick a bad habit to the curb. With regards to your job, make sure you are being mindful of your words, as words can be hurtful. Lastly, take your pets for a general checkup.

Aquarius. The solar eclipse is about your children, romance, and stock investments. This is the time to review:  quality time with children, your love life, stock investments. Try out different hobbies with your children and see which one brings you close and strengthen your bond. As to your love life, find new and creative ways to bring it back into your life.  Lastly, don’t make any stock investments until you have done your research. You may make a new investment after June 23. 

Pisces. Your appliances may be broken and falling out at this time or you may want to move into a new home. Take this opportunity to review and analyze which appliances need replacing. Once mercury goes direct, you may purchase new appliances. If you wish to move places, make sure you are reviewing the terms of the Contract or Lease. Or do a deep cleaning of your home so that you can move that stale energy and bring in new energy into your home and life. Lastly, make sure you are emotionally available for your family.  They may be needing your support and security.

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