3 Astro Highlights of the week: January 4, 2021 – January 10, 2021

3 Astro Highlights de la Semana

Hi, I hope this finds you well and in good health. First, I would like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! May this year bring happiness, achievements, and inspirations  to your life. May your year be filled with success, happiness, and prosperity. And now, here are the 3 Astro Highlights of the week starting from January 4, 2021 through January 10, 2021.

First Astro Highlight of the Week.

Mars in Taurus from January 5, 2021 to March 3, 2021
Mars in Taurus

The first Astro Highlight of the Week is on Tuesday, January 5, 2021, when Mars enters Taurus and will remain in Taurus until March 3, 2021. When Mars is in Taurus, we are determined, practical, patient, and a bit stubborn. Mars in Taurus can be passive but it can be very strong when it’s resisting or defending something or someone. We pursue our goals with patience and perseverance. This transit is good for looking at finances and investments. Also, you want to pay attention to what feels pleasurable and secure. 

Second Astro Highlight of the Week.

Mercury in Aquarius
Mercury in Aquarius

The second Astro Highlight of the Week is on Thursday, January 7, 2021, when Mercury enters Aquarius. When Mercury is in Aquarius, we are open to receiving new knowledge and original ideas. We think outside of the box. Our thinking becomes more progressive and unbiased. Our communication and thoughts are spontaneous, liberal, and inventive. I highly suggest you have a paper and pen in hand or a tape recorder so that you can save your ideas.

Third Astro Highlight of the Week.

Venus in Capricorn
Venus in Capricorn

The third Astro Highlight of the Week is on Friday, January 8, 2021, when Venus enters Capricorn. During this period, we focus on our finances. We can now create structure for our artistic projects. Also, we feel more  ambitious, driven, and dedicated. Things you can do when Venus is in Capricorn is: invest in your relationship, express your feelings seriously, save money, and make long term commitments and goals.

Here are the zodiac signs weekly horoscopes.


Aries.  Your ruling planet, Mars, moves into your house of money, finances, and values which will help with your budget and investments. Venus will enter your house of career so you may want to step up and ask for what you deserve.

Taurus. Mars enters your sign this week which will give you the energy to work on your resolutions for the year. Venus increases your drive for social contact and enjoyment. This will be great to meet someone new, if single. If you have a partner, make plans for date night.

Gemini. This is a good week for you to calm the mind and get in touch with your soul. Discard what no longer works for you and move on. Venus gives you the opportunity to get into with your sensual side and to enter a deeper connection with your partner.

Cancer. Venus enters your area of relationships making things pleasant and charming. This is a good time to be open to give and receive love. When Mars enters Capricorn later in the week, this will give you the opportunity to speak about your future plans with your partner.

Leo. Mars enters your house of career providing you with the lead to take charge at your job. Venus will give you a helping hand to make things smooth. You will be able to create easy routines and healthy habits.

 Virgo. Mars enters your house of higher learning.  You have the opportunity to learn something new that will improve yourself. Whatever you learn during this period, will stick with you. With Venus and Mars in your same element signs, romance is in the air. This is the time to remain open aso you may meet someone new, if single.  If you have a partner, this is a good time to bring romance back into your relationship.

Libra. Mars enters your house of daily routines pushing you to create better and healthy habits. And Venus will help you organize and decorate your home which will create a better environment for better routines and habits.

Scorpio. This week your focus is on what you really want and desire in your relationship. Venus will provide support to help you  communicate and listen better. Also, you will want your mind to be stimulated and connect with your partner on an intellectual level.

Sagittarius. Your focus this week is on wellness and improving your health. You will be motivated to find a more permanent routine for wellness. With Venus in your house of income, you want to feel secure by spending money on expensive perfumes and clothes. If you must spend money, make sure it’s on something beautiful and everlasting. 

Capricorn. Happy Birthday, Capricorn! Mars is driving you to expand your life and mind. There is so much for you to learn during this period. Venus enters your house of body and self. Take this opportunity to improve your appearance by selecting new clothes, and taking better care of yourself and body.

Aquarius. You have a strong sense to protect home life and the domestic side of our existence.  You may want to control situations within the family but be careful as this can lead to anger. Also, you may have the urge to renovate your home or possibly move into a new place. As to Venus, you have the opportunity to heal romantic wounds from the past.

Pisces.  Mars is asking you to think about how you feel and communicate your feelings with your friends and family so they can understand you better. Venus is in the zone of friendship. This is a good time to socialize and make new friends. Also, you can have financial gains and a lot of connections from many of the groups you are involved in.

I hope this information is helpful and useful. Please share this podcast with friends and family. Book your reading consultation by clicking << HERE.>> Have an excellent week!

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