Cameron Diaz: The Nurturing Silent Perfectionist

All about Cameron Diaz, the actress, model, entrepreneur, producer, author, and the ultimate Nurturing Silent Perfectionist.

Name: Cameron Diaz

Date of Birth: August 30, 1972

Birth Location: San Diego, California

Birth Time: 2:53 pm

Cameron Diaz Astrology Natal Chart
Cameron Diaz Astrology Natal Chart

I think the last movie I saw starring Cameron Diaz was either “The Last Holiday” or “The Other Woman.” She was fantastic in both movies and I’m saddened that she hasn’t starred in any other movies lately. In a 2018 interview with Entertainment Weekly, she announced she was “actually retired.” In a recent interview with Gwyneth Paltrow “In goop Health: The Sessions,” Cameron said she felt at peace in her soul walking away from a successful movie career and that she was finally taking care of herself. In my humble opinion, I think the public misses seeing her on the big screen, including myself. I love that her acting is versatile; from comedy to drama. She is a woman who has perfected her craft. But can you really expect anything less from a Virgo? - All about Cameron Diaz

Virgo Sun, Taurus Moon: The resilient Problem Solver.

Cameron Diaz was born with a Sun in Virgo in the second house of her natal chart. She comes into this life to shine as a problem solver, analyzer, and perfectionist on issues of self worth and values and materials goods that are important to her. However, on the negative side she can be very critical and judgmental of herself and of others in search of perfection.

Instagram Photo by @camerondiaz - Cooking in the kitchen
Instagram Photo by @camerondiaz – Cooking in the kitchen

Her Taurus Moon in the eleventh (11th) house of her natal chart, shows us that she needs security and stability to feel comfortable, especially in matters having to do with friends, her community, and her dreams. Her Virgo Sun and Taurus Moon are congruent, which gives her a good balance and a good head on her shoulders. Practical is her “middle name” and can make things and situations tangible. She surrounds herself with beautiful things such as art work within her home that help her feel like she is building something lasting. 

Cameron may be the solid rock and foundation for her friends and family. It may be that her friends and family come to her for her sound advice because she is sensible which makes sense since Taurus is the advisor of the Zodiac. If you want really good advice, find yourself a Taurus.

She finds comfort in food but it’s not just any type of food. The food has to be delicious and decadent.  If you want to know the best restaurant or the best deals in town, she’s your go-to. She can find a deal with a coupon on the most luxurious item in a store. Also, she finds comfort by seeking security and stability. She appreciates the finer things of life incorporating tradition and comfort.

Venus in Cancer.

Instagram Photo by @camerondiaz
Instagram Photo by @camerondiaz

Cameron’s Venus is in the motherly zodiac sign of Cancer. Venus in Cancer means the need to be cared for and nurtured. She wants to “mother” the people she that loves and be mothered. She may appear to have a hard shell and show  tough love but inside she is very sensitive. She’s not one to rush into love. She is cautious and certainly has some spidey senses when it comes to matters of the heart. Her Venus joins her Cancer Ascendant giving her that classic beauty.

Cameron is beautiful and there is no denying that. She considered to be the beautiful all American girl next door. This aspect helps her to be relatable to the public. The public sees her as a homely and sweet woman. It is my understanding that she modeled in her early adult years which catapulted her into becoming an actress. Her beauty may have gotten her foot into acting, but it was her hard work, dedication, and persistence that made her a great actress. She’s got the beauty and the brains. 

Virgo Sun joins Virgo Mars.

This aspect shows how motivated and determined she can be. She is fueled with a lot of precision and thought to strive to be the best in whatever she puts her mind into. She has a competitive spirit and wants to win. When it comes to anger, I don’t think she is quick to anger because both planets are in earth signs so her anger is a bit more calculating and well thought out maybe even on the verge of obsessiveness. Her anger is more direct. If the planets were in fire then she would have outbursts and fits of anger without any thought. 

The Future.

Instagram Photo by @camerondiaz
Instagram Photo by @camerondiaz

Saturn will be transiting her house of partnership and marriage, which can produce lots of pressure, frustration, and restriction within a marriage, partnership, or life long relationship. It produces a somber feeling within a relationship that one can either face the issue head on and work on the issue(s) or end up with a break, a break down, a breakup, or a divorce.

It’s not an easy transit because Saturn is asking the person to take a deep look at their important relationship(s) and fix the structures. Sometimes, fixing structures means breaking it all down to be able to build something that is lasting and sustainable. If the problems continue to persist and are not addressed head on, these problems will lead to divorce around 2024 – 2027.

Uranus transiting 10th House.

Uranus is transiting her 10 house, which signifies a change in career and as we have already seen her take a step back and leave Hollywood. She is changing her career from being an actress to mother and wife. Eventually, Uranus will enter her 11th house around April 2024. Uranus will join her Taurus Moon which means that she may have a loss whether it be the loss of someone (a woman) important to her and/or divorce. 

Additionally, while Uranus is in her 11th house, her dreams, wishes, and aspirations will change. She can go from wanting to stay home and take care of her family to running charities and help people. During this time, her circle of friends may change. People she meets during this time period will be extremely different from her with different backgrounds, situations, etc. Changes are rapid and unexpected. Expect the unexpected. 

Overall, she has some big changes coming into her life. On a soul level, these changes will help her evolve as a person. Adjustments to changes in life are hard in the beginning. In the long run, it’s well worth it. I truly wish her the best and look forward to her beautiful changes. 

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