3 Astro Highlights Of The Week: September 21, 2020 to September 27, 2020

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Hi, I hope this finds you well and in good health. I took a little time off to rest and recharge my batteries. And now I am back and ready to go! I have decided to add weekly zodiac horoscopes to the podcast. First, I will talk about the 3 Astro highlights of the week. Afterwards, I will talk a little about each zodiac sign and what they can expect for the week. Here are the 3 Astro Highlights of the week starting from September 21, 2020, to September 27, 2020.

First Astro Highlight.

Libra Season: Beauty, Charming, Fair, Gracious, Indecisive, and Social
Libra Season

The first Astro Highlight is on Wednesday, September 23, 2020, when the Sun enters Libra. Happy Birthday Libra!!! The next 30 days will be a strong focus on all types of relationships. From business relationships to partnerships. You will start to focus on what is important to you in relationships and may discard relationships that no longer serve a purpose in your life.

Second Astro Highlight.

The second Astro Highlight is on Wednesday, September 23, 2020, when Mercury in Libra square Saturn in Capricorn. The way you communicate your thoughts and ideas can be conflicting to express. It may be difficult to think things through. Be careful with your words as they may have a negative affect on others or lead to misunderstandings.  Important relationships may suffer distance or separation. Try to keep a positive outlook since this transit is temporary.

Third Astro Highlight.

Mercury in Scorpio
Mercury in Scorpio

The third Astro Highlight is on Sunday, August 27, 2020 when Mercury enters Scorpio. When Mercury is in Scorpio, you tend to probe into matters, observe, and focus things carefully. Secrets come to light. Communication at this period is intense. You can enter in a profound conversation in which you can obtain insight. You are able to see beyond the superficial and understand the motivation of an action or thought.

Weekly Horoscopes.

Aries: You need to heal yourself and body. Stop overworking yourself and rest. You are no good to anyone if you are out of commission. Talk to yourself in a beautiful manner. You may have break down in communication with your partner or spouse. Make sure you are listening to them instead of being quick to give an answer.

Taurus: This week is your time to make radical changes within yourself. If you don’t start making these changes, the changes will be brought to you by force or unexpectedly. You may feel that there may be a break down with the universe but you need to sit down, clear your mind, and really listen to what the universe is asking of you.

Gemini: You are being guided towards your future. Listen to your soul. You are given insightful information that you need to download, process, and implement in your life. Also, in the areas of children, hobbies, and romance your attention is required.

Cancer: At this time, your relationships may lead to break downs, breakups, or divorce if you don’t put first what really matters to you. Also, you may have things break at home. Give your home a good cleanse and get the bad energies out.

Leo: This week is all about how you communicate with family, siblings, cousins, and neighbors. Be mindful of your words because you may hurt someone with your words. I’m not saying to restrict yourself and not talk. I am saying to pick your words carefully. 

Virgo: During this week, you are called to focus on your finances and what is valuable to you. If you don’t manage your funds, funds will be depleted at this time. Use your funds for things that are valuable to you. Also, you are being guided to a more purposeful career. Pay attention to the signs which will lead you to a more fulfilling career.

Libra: This week your reputation is at stake if you continue to do things that are not aligned with what’s right. People may speak badly of you, which may cause you to be upset. Lay low for a while and walk the straight line. You will get through this.

Scorpio: You must dig in deep within yourself and connect with the universe. It’s time to heal your soul. Also, go to the doctors and get a check up. You may need some healing of your physical body too. 

Sagittarius: Are you truly working hard for all of your dreams and goals? This week, you need work on your dreams and projects which may lead to redoing and starting new. Also, be mindful of your words with your friends.

Capricorn: You work so hard for recognition and status but take a step back and look at where adjustments need to be made professionally. Your words to your superiors and co-workers may lead you to be seen in the wrong light.

Aquarius: This week you may have a disruption or difficulty pertaining to the law or travel. If you are dealing with the law, make sure you have given the paperwork required to complete the matter. If you are traveling, make sure your travel documents are up to update.

Pisces: Make sure you are communicating your self worth and your value. Stand your ground and don’t let anyone tell you anything different.

I hope this information is helpful and useful. You may contact me to book your reading consultation by clicking << here>>. Have an excellent week!

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