October Monthly Horoscope 2019

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Hello October! We are now 83 days away from Christmas. But first, Halloween! Halloween will be interesting this year. Mercury will be going retrograde on the exact day of Halloween, which it may be easier to get in tune with your intuition and the other side. You may even get surprising news and/or information. 

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The first part of October is all about Libra. Libra is about being charming, diplomatic, beautiful, partnerships, and indecisive. Things may appear airy and light for the most part. Things may appear airy and light for the most part. The second part of the month, it’s about Scorpio. Scorpio is about intensity, digging deeper, and having meaningful partnerships. October will have challenges but not as bad as the month of July did.

October Calendar.

1 Venus square Pluto. You may be determined to persuade others to agree with you. Your actions are more forceful and may experience more resistance as you try control others.
2Moon sextile Mars. There is an opportunity to be competitive and win easy.  You have a lot energy with an upbeat attitude. Go get your endorphins!
3 Pluto goes direct. Pluto going direct in Capricorn is infamous for exposing hidden agendas. Expect secrets in the government/institution to come to light.
3 Mercury enters Scorpio. Our thoughts are more profound, intense and focus. At this time we seeks truths especially situations that are hidden and undercover.
3Moon square Neptune. We can feel a bit strange or have strange experiences that may leave you questioning things.  We can easily get hurt and be extremely emotional and sensitive.
4 Mars enters Libra. We can act with harmony in mind. We can use our charms to get what we want.  Also, when trying to win an argument try not be  indecisive and stick to your guns. Try not to be passive-aggressive with this energy.
5 Moon trine Uranus. There is a lot of changes and excitement today. We may receive some surprising news. We may want to change up our routine and act impulsively. You may meet different types of people. Break bad habits today!
6 Moon square Venus. You may feel like socializing today but try not to go overboard. You may find it hard to get motivated and may be a bit lazy.
7 Mercury oppose Uranus. Today may feel hectic or perhaps that you are going at a fast pace. Unexpected events may cause lot of stress and anxiety. You may receive undesirable and sudden news.
7Sun square Saturn.There are a lot of challenges that may leave you depressed. You may feel restricted by responsibilities. Stay patient and push on getting through the day.
8 Moon trine Sun. You feel comfortable and relaxed. Today should go with ease with not distractions, obstacles or dramas.
8Venus enters Scorpio. It’s all or nothing in matters of the heart when Venus enters Scorpio. You will have a desire to dig deep. This desire will lead you to uncover truths of yourself and your desires. You crave intense connections with others with intense emotional reaction.
9 Moon trine Venus. This is a harmonious day. On this day you can relax with your friends and family. There’s lots of love.
10 Moon conjunct Neptune. Emotions run high which can lead to confusion. You are more prone to feel others emotions which can  leave you feeling uneasy. You may be more susceptible to drugs and alcohol. Don’t over do it with alcohol. 
11Moon square Jupiter. This is an overindulging aspect. We tend to overdo it with shopping, food, sleeping, etc. People with diabetes should be careful of their sugar and carb intake today.
12Venus oppose Uranus. Expect the unexpected in your love life which may lead to some tensions.
13Full Moon in Aries. Full Moon takes place at 20 degrees of Aries. This is not an easy full moon especially for Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Full moons are about culminations and releasing. Situations that were hidden come to light now. Try to tie up loose ends at this time. The Full Moon in Aries creates an ambiance of unease and tension within relationships. We want to focus on self-improvement and independent. Have you become dependent on your relationship and have lost your identity? How can we remain true to ourselves while remaining in a relationship? This is the time to let go of people pleasing. We need to do a bit of self care before trying to take care of others.
13Moon square Saturn.It’s a bit depressing since the energy makes it harder to connect with others. We are reminded of our past and failed relationships. The way we can turn this negative energy around is by taking responsibility of how we react to events and situations.
14Sun square Pluto. You have a great desire to be in control which can lead to intense conflict with powerful people, mostly men. Focus this intensity in reaching success through ambition and hard work.
15Mercury sextile Neptune. This is a good opportunity to relax and get creative. Words can be soothing and healing.  A good way to hone this energy is by writing on spirituality or the occult.
16Moon trine Pluto. Your psychic abilities are heightened at this time. Emotions run deep and powerful. You are being pulled to your desires. You may consult with your astrologer now to reveal secrets from the past or even past lives.
17Moon in Gemini. Use humor to lessen a problem or situation. This is not a day to get into deep conversations but you do want to socialize. Delve into your hobbies. Learn a new language.
18Moon square Neptune. We can feel a bit strange or have strange experiences that may leave you questioning things.  We can easily get hurt and be extremely emotional and sensitive. Don’t look too much into dreams as it may cause more confusion.
19Moon sextile Uranus.This is an opportunity to break out of boring routines. You are willing to try new things. Follow your instincts.
20Moon square Mars. Emotional hurt may cause pain and anger and lead you to act impulsively. Be careful because this transit can turn violently physical. Turn this energy into a positive energy by taking a kick boxing class or self defense class.
20Moon oppose Saturn. You may have feelings of sadness or loneliness today. It is a difficult time to share feelings since you have an emotional distance with others. Try not to socialize as others may see you as cold and not fun. Don’t let these fleeting feelings put you in a bad mood. Feeling sorry for yourself will only lead to more negative feelings.
21Venus trine Neptune. Today is a good day for romance and daydreaming. You can also get creative with projects or hobbies which may turn out quite beautiful. Or join a charity and help out the less fortunate.
22Moon sextile Mars. There is an opportunity to be competitive and win easily.  You have a lot of energy with an upbeat attitude. Go release your endorphins!
22Moon square Venus. You may feel like socializing today but try not to go overboard. You may find it hard to get motivated and may be a bit lazy. Not a good day to overindulge in sugary foods.
23Sun enter Scorpio. When the sun is in Scorpio, the spotlight is on getting to the bottom of things. There is a priority to have deep connections with others. Superficiality is not wanted at this time. During these 30 days, you will learn that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
24Moon trine Saturn. Today you have the patience and strength to deal with conflicts and difficult situations. Intuition can bring resolutions to problematic situations. You may seek the advice of an elderly woman.
25Moon in Libra. Moon in Libra is a time for friends. Great day for collaboration with friends on a project.
26Moon conjunct Mars. You can take initiative in all your passionate endeavors. Your instincts and feelings are in sync. You may have difficulty controlling your emotions and feelings and may act hastily, not thinking things through.
27New Moon in Scorpio. New Moon is in Scorpio at 4 degrees. This is the time to dig deep into your soul. The psychic vibes are strong at this time. We crave deep conversations.
28Sun oppose Uranus. This day can bring unexpected events which may turn your world upside down. Try to keep an open mind at whatever is thrown at you. Impatience may cause separation.
29Moon sextile Pluto. We can experience intense interactions showing us how we truly feel about others and visa versa. Get down and dirty and clean out your plumbing.
30Mercury conjunct Venus. You can take this opportunity to show your appreciation for someone. Use the languages of love to show appreciation. For example, if your special someone loves to receive gifts, then buying them tacos. If they like quality time, then make and eat tacos together.
31Mercury goes Retrograde. Mercury goes Retrograde in Scorpio at 27°38’ until November 11, 2019, at 11 degrees in Scorpio. You can expect breakdown in communication and technology, travel delays, lost items, and robberies. This will not be a challenging retrograde since the planet of love and desire, Venus, is next to Mercury. Venus makes things a bit easier. For example, you can expect an unexpected gift, money or love letter. Old lovers may return at this time.

Hope October is good to you!

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