La Casa De Papel and the Zodiac Signs

Money Heist, also known as Casa de Papel in Spanish, is one of the biggest drama series on Netflix. If you haven’t watched this series yet, you need to watch it right now!

In my humble opinion, I think the story line and the actors are phenomenal! I truly enjoy watching all the twists and turns that keep me at the edge of my seat. The writers of the series have done such a great job developing the characters that I think I am able to shed some light on each of the character’s zodiac signs (their sun signs). Be warned, there may be some spoiler alerts from Season 3 below.

The Zodiac Signs of the Characters of Casa De Papel.  

The Professor / Sergio Marquina.

The Professor
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The Professor, in the first and second season, we see him go over plans with the crew. Although the idea to rob the Royal Mint of Spain came from his father, he reviews, revises, and sets in motion the heist. He was meticulous with every single aspect of the robbery. He had a backup plan to the backup plan. He already knew what people’s reactions would be in different situations. His attention to detail and accuracy to the probability of outcome was impeccable. For these reasons, I assigned the zodiac sign of Virgo to the Professor.  He is shy and detail oriented. He is clean and neat and doesn’t like people touching his stuff.

There is a scene with Tokyo and The Professor at the Toledo house, where Tokyo makes fun of The Professor’s pjs and touches his origami birds. The moment she touches his origami birds you can immediately see that he is uncomfortable. This Virgo likes organization, neatness, and cleanliness.


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When I hear her says “Jarana” (War), I immediately think of Aries. Aries is about war and fighting. Tokyo was born a warrior. She joins the heist because she has nothing to lose. She is passionate and short-fused. Many of her decisions come from impulse and how she is feeling at that precise moment. Her impulsiveness leads her to be irresponsible. She only sees the consequences of her actions when its too late. It appears that she only cares about herself. She loves intensely, passionately, and doesn’t hold back.           

In Season 3, she’s on a beautiful secluded island with her lover, Rio, enjoying life. However, her restlessness starts to show when she invites people from a boat to party with them. She has a fire within her and she knows cannot be contained. Rio knows it too. That’s why she decides to leave Rio and let loose her wildness. It’s not that she doesn’t love him, she simply bores easily. Again, she is only thinks of herself and doesn’t realize how much she is hurting Rio.


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Andrés de Fonollosa Gonzalvez a/k/a Berlin is a jewel robber who lives an extremely expensive lifestyle. We see in Season 3 that Berlin was staying at a monastery and had acquired some lavish paintings. I associate Berlin with Gemini since Geminis are known to be duplicitous, liars, and smooth talkers. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury, also known as Hermes, was known to be a cunning trickster, stealing things from the other gods and hiding them. Not that Berlin steals and hides things but he is a robber.

Also, Berlin is unable to empathize with other people although, he also has a compulsive need to please others especially when he interacts with the hostages. I have noticed that air signs like to please people in some way, shape or form. 

Berlin’s behavior is ever changing. He is courteous only when people follow his orders. You don’t know when he will be happy or sad or act normal especially since he has a terminal illness. As a Gemini, he was flexible and is able to change and adhere to situation at hand with a drop of the hat.


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Nairobi was a counterfeiter after her boyfriend left her pregnant and abandoned her. Her end goal is to be with her son. Throughout the seasons, we see that Nairobi is detail-oriented like a Virgo. In Season 2, the elderly worker helping produce the money states that she has been the best boss that he has every had. 

Also, Nariobi possesses the Virgo quality of helping others. She is always willing to help others in need. In Season 1, she sees that the Ambassador’s daughter is being bullied by her classmates. Nariobi talks to her and empowers her to stand up for herself. In true Virgo form, Nariobi has a good understanding of situations and provides an effective solutions to problems.


Aníbal Cortés a/k/a Rio
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What sign is able to comprehend and even tame a wild Arian? A Libra. These two, Rio and Tokoyo, are able to keep each other in check. Rio is the epitome of a Libra. He’s handsome, intelligent, and a people pleaser. Don’t let his good looks fool you since he is a hacker/ child prodigy who learned to program at age 6. He’s probably too intelligent for his own good.

As to him being a people pleaser, there is a scene where he’s in the bathroom with Tokyo and they are getting ready to complete the heist. She tells him that no matter what that she is ready to go to war and he said that he is too and wouldn’t leave her side. I took at that as him saying that as a way to please her because he’s in love with her. And like most Librans, he needs to be in a relationship with her.


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Scorpios are the zodiac sign that has it the hardest in life. These people go through a lot in life and if they’re not careful can be susceptible to drugs. Denver is not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. In fact, he’s born to a drug addict mother and an average hard working father. His life has not been easy and that is why he become a thug. Eventually, he turns to drugs as a way of coping with his insecurities and inadequacies.

Despite all these hardships, he meets and falls in love with Monica. Like a true Scorpio in love, he immerses and loses himself to the point of being transformed by love. Monica brought out in him that gentle, protective, and loyal side that is Scorpio. He also displays extreme romantic behavior like getting married to Monica in Bali with all the elephants and rituals.


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He is one brute that doesn’t say much but lets his actions do the talking. He’s a tank on the outside and a big old teddy bear on the inside. Some of his qualities are the same as a Taurus. He is patient, strong, devoted, and stubborn. Taurus love passionately, similar to a Scorpio, but they love with the intention of possessing you. They treat the ones they love like possession. Their possession over someone is the way they show love, protection, and devotion. Love to them has to be tangible since they connected with physical bodies. 

Season 3, we see Helsinki have a strong and physical connection to Palermo. However, Helsinki knows that he can’t possess Palermo for various reasons. One of the reasons is that Helsinki is old-fashioned, loyal, and persistent and Palermo is none of those things. Palermo is also quick to say that he doesn’t want those things but we all know deep down inside he wanted all that with Berlin.

Raquel Murillo “Lisboa”.

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Inspector Murillo was one of  the most competent and respectful people in her industry. She embodies a lot of the qualities of a Capricorn. She may have been a battered woman but she’s not ashamed of it and certainly doesn’t let that stop her from reaching her goals. Some her qualities are realistic, relentless, practical, good leader, and ambitious. She never gave up on the pursuit of catching The Professor. She was determined to catch The Professor and this quality helped her find his hide out. Once a Capricorn puts a goal in his or her mind, nothing will stop them from attaining that goal. They always reach their goals through hard work, persistence, and determination.

At the end of season 2, it appears that she is taking a leap of faith to go and be with The Professor. However,  what needs to be understood is that she is a practical person. She weighed her options. In her head, she prepared a pros and cons list for stay or leaving. Obviously, leaving with The Professor was a practical decision. She knows that by staying she has so could lose her daughter and her mother. In true Capricorn form, she weighs out the outcome and does what’s best for her and her family.

Mónica Gaztambide “Stockholm”.

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Monica is the secretary and mistress of the Director of the Royal Mint of Spain, Arturito. She really thought that they were in love but it was all an illusion. Her world came crashing down when she told Arturito that she was pregnant with his baby and he didn’t believe her. In fact, he told her that he would not leave his wife for her. Pisces’ tend to create fantasies to escape their reality. Their illusion is met with a hard, cold wake up call causing them to be sad and fearful. Pisces’ ruling planet is Neptune which is illusions.

Also, as a Pisces, she became a victim of Arturito’s lies and a victim of the heist. Pisces, in their act of selflessness and always wanting to help others, end up being a victim. In Season 1, she was almost killed by Berlin because Arturito asked her to steal the phone so that they could escape but she was caught. She sacrificed herself so that the other hostages could be freed.

Other qualities that a Pisces possess are non judgmental and forgiving. Monica fell in love with her captor, Denver. She saw passed his defects and saw a gentle side of him. She never judged him and forgave him for holding her hostage the moment she joined the team. She is an incorrigible romantic. She is vey loyal and generous with Denver. She is willing to stand by his side no matter what.

As for the other characters from Season 3, I will be doing a Part II after Season 4 comes out. I hope that Season 4 will delve into the characters’ backgrounds especially that of Alicia, who I think is an Aquarius. More to come after Season 4 comes out! 

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