August Monthly Horoscope 2019

Out of the darkness and into the light as we head into August. After so many unexpected trials and tribulations in July, August brings us a lighter and hopeful energy.

August Astrological Calendar.

August 1: Moon conjunct Mars

August 2: Venus square Uranus

August 3: Moon square Jupiter – This is an overindulging aspect. We tend to overdo it with shopping, food, sleeping, etc. People with diabetes should be careful of their sugar and carb intake today.

August 5: Moon sextile Venus – This transit is a tender influence. It’s a great time to spend with your partner, friends, and family. Make new friends. This is an enjoyable time.

August 5: Moon square Saturn – This transit is a bit depressing since the energy makes it harder to connect with others. We are reminded of our past and failed relationships. The way we can turn this negative energy around is by taking responsibility of how we react to events and situations.

August 5: Moon square Pluto – This influence can display itself as destructive behavior because we have an urge to control situations and events. We may have emotional power struggles such as jealous and/or obsession with family or partners. The choice is yours to transform bad behavior into something positive and constructive.

August 7: Sun trines Jupiter

August 8 Moon squares Mars

August 9 Moon conjuncts Jupiter

August 9: Moon trines Venus. This transit is sweet and easy. It’s a good time to have a good time with family and friends. You can easily make new friends under this aspect. Great day to ask for a loan!

August 11: Jupiter goes direct in Sagittarius – We move from looking and analyzing into our belief and value system into putting our modified beliefs and values into action. You should be ready to take a leap of faith!

August 11: Uranus goes retrograde – During this retrograde, which can last up to 6 months, we are forced to look inside ourselves. We may encounter abrupt feelings which may be good or bad.

August 14 Moon squares Uranus

August 14 Sun conjuncts Venus

August 15: Full Moon in Aquarius at 22′ 24 – Full moons are cycles of completions or endings. You may find yourself wanting emotional freedom at this time. Breakups can occur at this time.

August 15: Moon opposes Venus

August 15: Moon opposes Mars

August 16: Mercury squares Uranus

August 17: Moon squares Jupiter – This is an overindulging aspect. We tend to overdo it with shopping, food, sleeping, etc. People with diabetes should be careful of their sugar and carb intake today.

August 18: Mars enters Virgo – At this time, we start to pay attention to details. It is a good time to get organized and come up with solutions. 

August 21: Venus enters Virgo – Love and desire at this time are expressed through practical ways such as washing your partner’s car, fix your partner’s computer, help your partner come up with a budget, etc.

August 23: Sun enters Virgo – The spotlight is now on the details of our lives. We are more frugal and organized with our time and money, especially since we went a bit wild when the Sun was in Leo.

August 24: Venus conjuncts Mars

August 29: Mercury enters Virgo – Our thoughts and words are very precise during the time of Mercury in Virgo. It is important that we speak with detail, caution, to make sure that you are not coming across as critical.

August 30: New Moon in Virgo. At this time, we will have five (5) planets in earth signs. You have this opportunity to materialize all your dreams or put your plans into action.

Hope you have a great month!

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