3 Things to Do While Mercury is in Cancer

Mercury, the messenger of the gods, is in watery sign of Cancer. At this time, we are a bit moody and defensive with our opinions. How can we overcome this energy for the next 22 days? Here are 3 things do while Mercury is in Cancer: 

1. Surround yourself with your support squad. At this time, you are able to express your feelings in a clear and concise way. Your support squad will be there to cheer you on and help you see things clearer.

2. Exercise. Feelings and emotions may get you stuck in a rut but getting up and moving will get you out of the funk.

3. Feel it out. At this time, logic and reason don’t really work. However, feeling a situation or problem out will be the way to resolve things. Listen to your gut. 

Remember to be kind and use your words when expressing your thoughts and  feelings.  

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