New Moon in Gemini on June 3, 2019

Gemini New Moon on June 3, 2019
Gemini New Moon

New Moon at 12 degrees of Gemini at 6:03 am today. New Moons represent an opportunity to begin something new. It is time for new beginnings. Gemini is the 3rd sign of the zodiac. It represents the stage of life where we are toddlers learning new things about the world. Gemini is curious and eager to learn everything simultaneously. They are considered good multi-taskers.

Since the new moon is in Gemini, you want write out your intentions to learn as much as possible. Your intentions can be about learn new skills, plan short trips, implement new and off the wall ideas, or learn a new language. There is a strong important in communication and learning to be more flexible. Once you are done writing your intentions, place the list in area where you can constantly see your list of intentions.¬† Remember, words are powerful so reading out loud and putting into actions your list of intentions will get you closer to your dreams. Don’t be afraid of writing into details the things you want.

Happy New Moon!

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