Gemini: Double Fun

All signs have a good and bad reputation. Gemini is no exception to this. Here are 3 traits that Gemini is known for:


1. Gift of Gab. Oh boy! These people can talk! They enjoy people that can stimulate their mind and are drawn to witty banter and interesting stories. They are curious by nature. Remember, this sign is an air sign so they are mental; very much in their mind.


2. Two Faced. Honestly, they are not. They are able to experience different emotions at rapid speed. The emotions can be intense which can leads people to believe that Geminis are bipolar or have a dual personality.


‍♀️ By the way, wherever Gemini falls on your natal chart, you will have double of everything. Example, if it lands on your 5th house (house of children/lovers/projects), you may have twins or 2 or more children. Or 2 or more lovers possibly at the same time .


3. Jack of all trades but master of none. Gemini love to collect of information. They are extremely intelligent but don’t delve deep into any subject. They prefer to skim the surface and not dig deep.


Geminis can be outgoing and flirtatious but they can be serious and indecisive. The good thing about this air sign is that it’s flexible (mutable). They are able to adapt to life’s circumstances. One thing is for sure, when hanging out with a Gemini, it will never be boring. 

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