3 Fun Facts about Aquarius

3 Fun Facts About Aquarius
3 Fun Facts about Aquarius

You know how Sagittarius can easily make friends with almost anyone? Well, this Sagittarius made friends with an Aquarian. Last year I took a trip to Ireland and met this Aquarian, Megan. In true cool and savvy Aquarian form, she gave me some unique ideas on what I should do on my next trip.

My Aquarians are my little aliens because they are very weird and out of the world. However, Aquarians are known to be the Angels of the Zodiac because of their humanitarian qualities. They have a concern for humanity while remaining emotionally detached.  Also, they can easily adapt to the energy around them but they require some alone time to collect their thoughts.

Below, I talk about three (3) fun facts about Aquarius that everyone should know. Why? Because everyone need an Aquarius in their lives.

3 Fun Facts.


Aquarians are very clever and are eccentric by nature. Their thoughts come in at lightning speed. They are very quick to come up with solutions and thinking outside of the box come as second nature to them. They receive bolts of visions about the future and know exactly what they will be doing years from now.


I have another Aquarian friend who I truly believe does shocking things to get attention and enjoys shocking people. They can be extremely mean especially when ignored. Aquarians have a reputation for being cold, insensitive, and emotionally detached, but that’s their defense mechanism. These little aliens need to learn to trust others and express their emotions in a healthy way. They may love freedom but does really well with routines.

They are master at hiding their true feelings and have a dark side, which they will not bring out or show anyone. Aquarians are extremely quick and need constant mental stimulation. Boredom ensures if there is a lack of mental stimulation which leads to lack a motivation.


Since they are highly intelligent and can easily network, they tend to be very successful in their careers. They are driven and hard working. They can make good leaders since they are charismatic and friendly. Quick thinkers and naturally thinking outside of the box also help them in their careers.

Aquarians are weird and fun. There is never a dull moment with them and they can talk intelligently on almost any subject. These are the many reasons I love the Zodiac Sign of Aquarius. Although, I can do without their emotional detachment.

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