3 Fun Facts about Sagittarius

My favorite astrological sign: Sagittarius, the Global Citizen. ♐️

As a  Sagittarius woman, I am a bit outspoken, independent, friendly, frank with a happy-go-lucky personality.



I’m not always going to say the kind of things you want to hear. Most of the time I will ask you embarrassing questions or make you cringe with my truthful statements. There are times I will say special things that will make you forgive me. Example: I will ask you “how does it feel to be short?” Then continue to say that “shortness is not a big deal. Some cute guys are short like Zac Efron. I think you’re perfect.” Charming, right? You see how you forgave me so quickly? Sometimes you may want me to lie but I really can’t. Sorry, NOT sorry.

️ Love.


We are passionate, energetic, and usually down for pretty much anything. We know what we what and go after it. For me, I don’t waiver, I always know what I want no matter what. We love partners who have sophisticated tastes and religious tolerance.



There’s one thing you’ll have to learn right away, or the relationship will never get off the ground. When you want us to do something, ASK us. Don’t tell us what to do. We love being protected, but don’t ordered us around unless it’s in the bedroom. We don’t like weak, wishy-washy men. You may give us a LIGHT stern treatment if we get too sassy.


 Overall, we love laughing, learning new things, and traveling. We end up meeting a lot of new people. We have a knack for easily becoming friends with just about everyone. Gloom and pessimism actually make us physically ill Only good vibes here PLEASE! . W are very optimistic about life in general.

Sagittarius Season
Sagittarius Season

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