JLo and ARod’s Exciting Engagement!

 ¿Y el anillo pa’ cuándo?… ~ Jennifer Lopez.


Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are engaged! Congratulations! Now what? We look at their synastry chart that will specifically will help us find answers on their attraction and how they work together.

Sun and Moon

️Both JLo and ARod have their suns in the astrological sign of Leo. They both need to shine and they allow each other to shine without taking away their light. They understand each other at their very essence. They also have mercury in Leo so they basic speak the same language. She has Scorpio moon and he has a Pisces moon so they have an affinity to comprehend and fulfill their emotional needs.

North Node and the Moon

JLo’s north node conjuncts ARod’s moon which means ARod is the Destiny Muse for JLo. JLo feels understood at a deep level and is secure enough to pursue outrageous ambitions.

In some cases, this connection inspires one or both of them to make a significant journey for the other.


If JLo and ARod wish to make this marriage last, seek an astrologer to select the perfect wedding date, time and location. Selecting the date, time, and location can certainly make or break the relationship. Choose wisely.


I only looked at certain aspects however to fully analyze a chart, one must always look at the full chart.

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